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Shell Cordovan is the top tier leather available, before the category of exotics. It comes from the hind of a horse, and because the fibres are packed so densely together, the leather that results from that is incredibly durable. While Shell Cordovan is usually a stiff leather, when made in the Slim style, it is very flexible and a great companion to your dress watch.

The Shell Cordovan we use comes from Shinki Hikaku tannery in Japan. Typical of most shell cordovan, it has a high gloss finish. Unique to Shinki Shell, the surface is extremely uniform and clean, with a beautiful depth of colour. This leather is so durable that it is likely to last as long as your mechanical timepiece!

Excerpt from Strap Guide by Sam"Between its lustrous finish, excellent durability, and deep coloring, I really like shell cordovan. The blue is a unique hue, and unlike other versions of “shell” straps I’ve encountered, this one does not feel overly dressy. I also appreciate the subtle blue-blue contrast stitch, it’s a fun touch."

  • Strap Style:Slim
  • Thread Colour:78 - Denim
  • Strap Thickness:2.2mm
  • Buckle Type:Regular, Engraved
  • Buckle Finish & Colour:Brushed Silver

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
itsjw0n (Kuala Lumpur, MY)
Perfect match with Silver Snoopy!

I have been searching for some time, for a strap that matches the Silver Snoopy Speedmaster. And with the Delugs Navy Shell Cordovan, I finally have the perfect match. Super comfortable from new and I do not see myself taking it off any more.

My only wish is for the standard M size strap having a slightly longer "long end" (perhaps 120/70) as size L is a bit too long and M is a bit too short. That aside, Delugs are my solid go-to for anything strap related these days.

Jesse L. (Marang, MY)
Navy Shell Cordovan Slim Strap.

Excellent strap both in quality and feel on the wrist. Complement my Speedmaster Professional LMOTM very well.

Solomon (Tulsa, US)
Pairs perfectly with my Pointer Date!

Awesome strap! The stitching is awesome, the color is great, the lining is super comfortable even in high humidity, shipping was fast, and it smells great!

My only minor point of contention is the way it wraps around the spring bar. The thickness down the strap is noticeably less than that where it meets the spring bar and it causes a little dip effect.

The stock photos kind of show this but not exceptionally so. I have included my own to show it more obviously. It's not a deal-breaker but it's worthy of note so you know what to expect. Skiving away some leather or adding a bit of padding to smooth the transition would go a long way in making future straps look more premium. I've included a crude drawing of the "problem" and the solution I'm referring to.

Overall, awesome strap! More Delugs straps are in my future for sure.

TK (Woodlands, SG)
Navy Shell Cordovan Slim Strap

Nice color. Will be buying another for my wife’s watch.

CF.Wong (Petaling Jaya, MY)
Navy Shell Cordovan Slim Strap

Looks great. Good quality. Very comfortable and fits really well. Definitely will buy again!