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    Brown Waxy Slim Strap
    Alligator strap

    Nice quality. Fast shipping

    Dark Grey Ostrich Signature Strap
    Charles C. (Lewes, US)
    Great new Dark Grey Ostrich Signature Strap from Delugs

    Just received this Dark Grey Ostrich Signature Strap from Delugs for my GS Skyflake. Wonderful color and quality that really compliments the Skyflake. My second strap from Delugs, the first was a matte black alligator for the same watch. Another excellent choice.

    very difficult to install on watch

    My limited edition G.S SBGR 325 watch just Became more Exquisite ....!!!

    Never imagined that Glossy Lagoon Blue would so appropriately complement my G.S SBGR 325 Limited Edtn. Metallic bracelet was just nullying the effect of the vibrant Dial, BUT This lagoon Blue Strap just took the level of Color to Contrast to beyond belief level. It just oozes out so much as a Unit. The Durable strap and immaculate texture with color just Makes the Dial and Strap feel as an Original unit. Guys at Grand seiko would really scratch their heads if they saw the outcome.
    Kudos to Delugs Team & I shall always be around for More....!!!!

    Good quality buckle!

    Exactly as described, a very high quality PVD buckle.

    Classy - but casual

    Very high quality cordovan strap. I wanted something a little more casual, but still classy - and this is it.

    Hunter Green Epsom Slim Strap
    Sam (St Louis, US)
    Really terrific product

    Stumbled upon the site searching for buckle (normally used Camille Fournet, or custom makers in the US). Ken’s products are phenomenal and very well priced to-boot. My old Patek’s have a new lease on life... I am stocking up right now, so thanks to Ken and Delugs.

    Light Grey Nubuck Slim Strap
    Oleg V. (Antipolo City, PH)
    Light Grey Nubuck Slim Strap

    Excellent quality and value for money. Highly recommend.

    Great Option, Especially in Summer

    The fit can be a little tougher than OEM and sizing can be a little nerve wracking (protip: read the ENTIRE page before attempting since wrists are NOT symmetrical). The black rubber is subtle and can be worn during the day and evening and is a treat in these warmer/humid months.

    Black Rubber CTS Strap
    Tony (Bangkok, TH)
    Best rubber strap had been ever used

    Friendly adjustable and easy to use. Match with all watches

    Light Grey/Tiffany Blue

    Really well made, and looks amazing

    Cartier-style Buckle
    Ticktalking (Petaling Jaya, MY)

    Cartier-style Buckle

    awsome~ i am surprised

    i am very satisfied with the product. it is very strong to conclude.
    this quality is soooooooo~~~~~ goooooooood.
    i will order one more the other color~

    White Chevre Slim Strap
    sungho J. (Seoul, KR)
    awsome~ i am surprised

    at first.. i was considering if i order or not.
    but my concern is gone when i got this product.
    it is a little bit longer to take that.. but it is worth to wait. i am very satisfied. and i will order again

    Denim Babele Slim Strap
    Xinyuan H. (Winston-Salem, US)
    Unique and Beautiful

    I found this via strap finder and this is absolutely gorgeous with its unique pattern and color saturation. It matches my snowflake blue 2nd hand beautifully.

    Blue Rubber CTS Strap
    Steven V. (Kota Kinabalu, MY)

    Blue Rubber CTS Strap

    Baby blue for PRX

    Baby blue rubber strap with blue PRX looks outstanding

    Baby Blue Rubber CTS Strap
    Mitch B. (Cumming, US)
    Does not fit Cartier Santos Large Model

    The strap was supposed to fit the santos large model and it does not due to the quick release design of the Santos. There’s no pin holes for the delugs strap to fit in.

    Black Rubberised Leather (Smooth) Signature Strap

    Great strap! Love the quick release spring bars!

    You don't have to post this and I don't want the 5%...

    But, I felt like I needed to let you guys know some thoughts. Overall shopping experience was stellar! The strap is very high quality and the rubber looks and feels great. For what you charge, I did expect a few more things, though. The clasp is awesome, but it should be stamped with "PRX" at least. Next, the supplied spring bars were infuriating to install and you should've supplied factory-style, dual spring type. You, pretty much, negated the quick swapping system. Lastly, and most importantly, the fit to the case is not ideal. The center post looks great and meets up excellently with the case. The right and left flanks, however, don't come into the case at the correct angle, they're too thick, and it's "off." If they were thinner, and the approach angle were corrected, and VERY IMPORTANTLY, the textured pattern was continued all the way through the top of the left and right flanks, instead of meeting that smoothed "wall" or "cap" at the top before butting against the case, it would make a WORLD of difference. As it is, the outer flanks stand too high above the case, and the smoothed rubber "wall", where the strap meets the case is too prominent. It highlights the areas where the fit is not fluid because it looks more like the strap is sitting on top of the case, rather than a strap that is seamlessly integrated to the case. It has to be thinned out and more precisely matched tot he case. The center post is perfect, though. So, when version 2 comes out, I'd like a good discount, please. And, I don't wanna have to pay for another clasp. Looking forward to picking up some more straps and seeing what you guys come out with! Thanks!

    Cognac Pueblo Slim Strap
    Bret K. (Overland Park, US)
    Fanstastic craftsmanship and finish!

    Absolutely love the Pueblo leather, lining, and the nice taper of the strap

    Great Quality

    Love the look and quality of the alligator leather

    Snap Box - Grey/Navy
    Lisa C. (Perth, AU)
    Grey/Navy Snap box

    Really well made and looks great!

    Zip Box (Two) - Light Grey/Tiffany Blue
    Charles (Davao City, PH)
    Lack of full disclosure

    Product description says okay for all watches but doesn't fit well with Rolex and Omega sports model. Now I'm going through a very hassle refund process needing to ship back the item to Singapore. If you own sport models, avoid this product.

    Elastic Loop Green
    BFC (Central, HK)
    Comfy and sporty

    Perfect on the pelagos 39