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Whiskey Horween Chromexcel Signature Strap

Overall, it is a good strap, nice colour and supple. Some areas for improvement, the strap shows scratch marks easily and it takes alot of effort to polish it to a less visible scar. And the strap keeper moves about as it is loose. Final request, it will be helpful for the next buyer if you can show the pull-up effect colour relative to the original brown in the product page.

Extremely Comfortable

Strap is very soft and pliable, way better than expected. Comes in at the right thickness too, nicely padded and tapered.

Would definitely recommend anyone who is on the fence to just get one and try.

Great strap. Quick delivery.

Epsom slim watch strap

Superb quality, the strap feels amazing on the wrist, the only comment I have is about the lug with, a piece of the strap fits just a bit tighter than the other one, but it is nothing to worry about really. Amazing product overall, I really recommend it.

Epsom slim strap

It looks and feels premium. Very well constructed. Will be looking at other straps for my collection. Highly recommended!

Tan Barenia, very good strap

I am very happy with the strap, even better in person as it feels classy and luxurious. color matches very well with black dial and lifts up the watch to another level. This strap also wears superbly, padding is comfortable and tapers in thickness to single layer leather at buckle end. Stitching is superb with matching color thread, very classy

Custom Epsom Rouge Hermes Strap

Waiting time was super long due to a color mistake but in the end I respect Kenneth's commitment to quality and the strap itself was a beauty. I ordered a custom strap as standard length straps are always too long for my small and thin wrist and it fit me like a glove. Leather and stitching was pure quality and I would not hesitate to have Kenneth custom-make all of my watch straps.

Well made, looks good with price/quality that is hard to beat

But the most important thing is that I can finally buy high quality, hand-crafted and customised straps at a price that allows me to own several straps and change them frequently (and easily with the quick release bars).

Love it!

Well made. Bought so many that I am broke now.


Strap is good quality, much softer and more comfortable to wear than I expected. Nth to complain besides it being pricy, but I guess we pay for what we get. Nevertheless, looking forward for more bargain sale.

Quality Straps, Good price, Great Customer Service

All in the title. Very pleased with the two straps I have purchased. Great experience from start to finish.

Whiskey Horween Chromexcel Signature Strap

Impressed with the overall quality of this strap. It is just the right thickness, yet pliable. The 'S' length fits me well. A scratch mark was easily rubbed off till non-existent. Awesome!

Awesome Chromexcel

Perfectly soft and sits well on the wrist!

Bad Quality check and service

Received my buttero "handcrafted" strap. The leather was good but the buckle's tongue was too short. Could not clasp the watch onto my wrist. When i emailed the company, they said I should be able to fix it on my own easily. Pity i paid a premium for such quality and service.

No excuses, this was a mistake on my part in attaching the wrong tongue to the buckle and rushing to get the strap out of the door, and subsequently misunderstanding the problem with the buckle. Immediately rectified this with RC by heading down to his place and fixing the buckle, once I found out that the problem still persisted. No excuses, I will continue to improve on QC and customer service at Delugs. Thanks for the feedback and support!
Beautiful leather and craftsmanship

This brown Horween leather does not disappoint. I have gotten more compliments on this strap on my Speedmaster Pro in the past couple weeks than I can ever remember getting on any watch or strap!
Buy from Kenneth with confidence - you won’t be disappointed!

Best $40 I've ever spent.

This strap is worth every penny. It's not fancy, it's rustic and simple, and it's very well made. Nice and stiff at first and breaks in very nicely. The black is smooth with a touch of shine and the stitches are a perfect cream color. Very well done.

uniquely classy

I bought this strap based on direct communications with the artist himself. After a long (impatient) wait, the strap showed up at my door, and it did not disappoint. The color is very unique, almost demanding a matchingly unique watch to go with it. texture is soft and shiny, and the make is superb (stitching, QR spring bars, soft dark lining). i am in the process of buying another 2 from de

Great strap! Great service!

Ordered a custom strap and Kenneth was very helpful in recommending the style and colour. The whole transaction was very pleasant and the final product didn’t disappoint! The colour shade match the watch dial perfectly, workmanship is superb and leather is soft and supple. I couldn’t be more satisfied!

Thanks so much delugs! Will definitely come back for more :)

Custom size Shell Cordovan Strap.

Thanks Kenneth for working on this, i'm extremely satisfied with the strap. would definitely purchase again!

Shell cordevan strap

Good quality product but strap holes are not very aligned.
Will be good to have faster delivery time from purchase

Chromexcel strap!

Great strap with a versatile colour! Would be looking forward to a 2nd strap!

Great Quality

The ordering process was easy and any questions I had were answered via WhatsApp with quick replies, which was very helpful. The quality of the custom black alligator strap I bought was really really good. Stitching was nice and leather quality was great. 10/10 would order again. Since I ordered a custom strap, it took some time to come especially since it’s international shipping, but that was well worth the wait! Thanks Delugs!


Quality straps at affordable prices. So convenient to change straps with the quick release pins. Would definitely recommend!

Worn and Wowed

When this came in the mail I was a bit skeptical.The colour is secondary to the texture. Various shades of brown with a matt sheen to it. Luckily dark enough and the white was as bright as that in the watch.

Scratch resistance deserves a separate mention. Ended up getting some scrapes on it that honestly could have spoiled it. With a few rubs however they quickly disappeared. Sure it'll affect the colour and sheen in those places. It's pretty uniform though and adds some character. It does make it darker.

All in all, happy with my purchase and looking forward to finding out how this will age.

Great strap

Smells great. Feel amazing on the wrist and it’s bespoke to my size. Love it

Sizing Guide
Sizing of watch straps can be a complicated thing. Let's un-complicate it.


Size Chart


Measurements Description S* M L*
A Lug width Varies by lug width
(see product listing)
B Buckle width
C Long strap length 105mm 117mm 125mm
D Short strap length 65mm 72mm 75mm
E Distance to middle hole 65mm 73mm 80mm
F Distance between holes 7mm
G Size of holes 1.8mm

*Unfortunately, only M size is available at this point in time.