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Another satisfied purchase

My 3rd time getting strap from delugs and as always, not disappointed at all!

The Tan Barenia strap is supple and soft to touch, with superb craftsmanship!


Purchased Delug’s Natural Shell Cordovan Signature Watch Strap. The communications and delivery was quick and easy and the product itself is outstanding! It stays way above any other strap I've ever purchased. At this price level it's simply unbeatable. I will buy again soon!

Custom Watch Strap (Lizard)

Well made. Looks exquisite!

5 stars

Purchased Delug’s Olive Green Horween Chromexcel Strap for my Speedy. Truly a beauty of a strap. The olive green is understated, but very unique. Great fit as well— little stiff out of the box, but after a day, feels like I have been wearing it for a year. Will buy again.

Impeccable and bespoke straps

Always a true pleasure ordering from Delugs Strap.
The customisation process is both pleasant and easy. And the final product is always equally great.

Excellent buy!

Excellent quality strap. Pictures do not do this strap justice. Kenneth is also a standup guy and replies promptly to queries. Recommended!

Awesome product & service!

Ordering was a Breeze! And they even helped change the order when I made a mistake in my order. Super service, Super product and fast delivery! Will definitely purchase more!

Great Strap!

Leather was soft and supple, did not require breaking in. Even though these were supposed to be “damaged” the quality was still great! Best of all, it was at a steal ;-) Thanks Kenneth!

Navy Horween Chromexcel Signature Strap

Repeat customer

Delugs is my go to place. There is a good selection. The service is patience and helpful. I look forward to more straps from them. Thank you

Happy customer

High quality and a positive experience. Recommended!

Outstanding quality strap and quick delivery

Very happy with my Horween Chromexcel Signature Strap!

Great product, great service

I contacted Delugs on whatsapp, and within the day, i had the strap in hand. Ordered the Dark Brown Shell Cordovan strap. Pictures online really don't do the strap justice. Its built to the highest quality and you really can't get a strap of this quality at Delug's price. Now my number 1 source for quality straps! Makes me want to buy a watch just as an excuse for more straps! Wishing all success to Delugs on our shores and abroad!

Bargain Bin Purchares

I bought 2 straps from the Bargain bin, an orange slim and a gray signature both epsom. The colours look great and the overall finishing is of a high standard, the only issue I had with the straps are the tongue on the buckles have a bit of sideways movement on them so it can sometimes be difficult to close the strap. Other than that it was great value for the straps as they were just stock clearance items.

Great quality straps

Been looking for the right balance of formal and casual strap for my cream dial watch and I believe my search has ended. Was initially worried about the quality of the straps but I'm glad I gave them a go as they exceeded my expectations. Would highly recommend these straps for the quality and options at a great price.

Custom made Horween chromexcel for Daytona

second strap I ordered from Delugs, but just as pleased with the quality. the edges are very smooth and even coloured, while the stitching looked perfect. I specially requested for the dimensions to fit onto my dad's Daytona, which isnt the regular pin buckle type. very satisfied with my purchase and will be purchasing more from deluge

Comfortable Watch Strap with a sophisticated color

Ordered the Horween Whiskey Chromexcel strap. Really well made and comfortable strap. Great dress strap for my bronze diver watch.

Awesome craftmanship

Though Whiskey Horween leather itself is already beautiful, your side stitching pattern makes it even more attractive. Very comfortable to wear and easy to match with various watches. Only one down for me is the too general buckle, it would be a plus if it comes with a signed bukle of other unique designs.

Great Value for Shell Cordovan watch straps!

It was almost 5 weeks until i received the black shell cordovan strap i ordered from Kenneth and I must say that the long wait was all worth it. I was never really a leather aficionado and only came to learn about the difference in quality between the various leather types like full grain, shell cordovan etc but i must say that shell cordovan is really 1 of the very best leathers available. The strap is well made with a beautiful sheen that is unlike cow leather and you just can't complain about the price since its great value for the quality of leather you're getting. Will definitely recommend this to anyone seeking to buy a shell cordovan watch straps.

Great value!

Strap was great. The issues that consigned it to the bargain bin are barely noticeable. Says a lot about the quality control standards 👍🏿


Promised lead time was 4 weeks, received 8 weeks later. I showed a sample picture of how i want the strap to be, but the strap came in a much brighter shade of navy. On a fair note, seller did imply that he's willing to change to a darker shade but considering the uncertain wait time, i did not proceed with it. Also requested not to have logo stamped on the underside of the strap, but the strap came stamped with the logo anyway. On quality, decent but not fantastic. Definitely a disappointing "made to order" experience since the strap did not turn out the way i want and specified.

Tan Barenia

Have had the strap for about two months so far, and it's a great strap, very versatile on a variety of different watches, from vintage Omega dress watches to modern Grand Seiko sport watches. The Barenia leather is very supple and luxurious, and the lining layer is soft and comfortable. The padding is just thick enough to add character, but not so thick that it makes the strap feel stiff. The edge pain is durable, and it hasn't shown any hint of cracking or stripping off. The stitching on the strap I received is a little uneven upon close inspection, but it is not enough to bother me, and Delugs has shown a commitment to always improving.

Shell Cordovan Strap

Kenneth is a very talented man, and he wonderful straps

Good strap

Comfortable, well made

Sizing Guide
Sizing of watch straps can be a complicated thing. Let's un-complicate it.


Size Chart


Measurements Description S M L*
A Lug width Varies by lug width
(see product listing)
B Buckle width
C Long strap length 105mm 115mm 125mm
D Short strap length 65mm 70mm 75mm
E Distance to middle hole 65mm 72mm 80mm
F Distance between holes 6mm
G Size of holes 1.8mm

*Unfortunately, L is only available as made-to-order straps.