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We started off as watch collectors and leathercrafters. In a world where everything is done facing a digital screen, there was something romantic about winding a crown and watching the watch spring into life, or creating with your bare hands a functional and beautiful leather product out of its raw materials. We wanted to marry these two worlds, by bringing our experience and knowledge in crafting to produce exceptional products for watch enthusiasts.

Since launching in 2018 with a small, curated collection of leather straps, we have since expanded and now offer one of the most extensive collection of handcrafted leather straps in a wide range of width and sizes, and offer a Custom Strap Program to meet your unique requirements. We have also started to branch out into rubber straps, creating new products that enrich the experience of wearing your watches.

We also set out to create watch storage and accessories that matched up to the timepieces you had - functional art that you can hold, use and admire. Cases that will be loved by those who have them, and admired by those who don't.

Beyond our products, we also aspire to provide an online shopping platform and experience that is enjoyable and fun, bringing the boutique experience from the store to our website.

Lastly, we hope to be a valueable part of the watch community, to bring value to the collectors in the community, and to foster an appreciation for watch accessories as much as the timepieces that they hold.

We hope that you'll join us in this journey!

Get Inspired with our Strap Guides

As a strap retailer with hundreds of different straps available, the most common question and request we receive is for strap recommendations. With the many different watches out there, it can be challenging trying to find out what is the best looking combination for the watch. And not all of us have rich and vibrant imaginations, or dare to take a leap with a bold combination.

The Strap Guide series was created as a way to showcase different strap options on various watches, with the help of the watch community. We wanted to reach out to different personalities in our community, because of the variety that this provides, in terms of the watches we feature, the straps chosen, and even the style of photography and writing.

You Ask. We Answered.

Every strap is individually handcrafted by our team of skilled leathercrafters, using traditional techniques employed by the best leathercrafters in the world. There are over 50 steps involved, using a wide range of tools and machines.

Discover the full crafting process here.

There is no right answer to this question, no "perfect leather" - some people prefer a strap that patinas, while others prefer a strap that looks pristine even after multiple uses. The leather to choose depends on the specific qualities that you are looking for in the strap, which varies from individual to individual, watch to watch.

Nonetheless, rest assured that we only use the best quality leather that we know of, and widely used by leathercrafters around the world - full grain leather, and not that genuine leatherrubbish that is so often found on leather watch straps.

Discover our leather selection here.

In general, if your watch already has a leather strap on it, our straps will most likely fit, or we can custom make something to fit your watch.

Find out if our straps will fit your watch here.

Our ready stock straps come in three sizes - Small (105mm and 65mm), Medium (115mm and 70mm), and Large (125mm and 75mm). Which size to get depends largely on your wrist size, but other factors include the size of the watch, your personal preference in how tight you wear your watch, and how much "tail" you prefer. If none of the three sizes work for you, we can also custom make our straps to your size.

Find out which size you should get here.

Absolutely! You would first need to determine what you are looking for in a strap - what watch to fit it on, what qualities you are looking for in a strap, what look you are going for (casual vs formal).

See our strap recommendation here.

All orders are sent from Singapore. We ship worldwide via DHL Express, but there are a small number of countries where we've had difficulties shipping to. Do note that any additional custom fees or taxes due are the responsibility of the buyer!

Check out our shipping page for more details!

You may return your strap for a full refund if it is in unworn condition. If you would like to return a custom straps, we charge a 20% restocking fee.

See our Warranty, Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy here.