Strap Folio

Delugs Strap Folio: Store, Protect, Organise and Display Your Strap Collection.

We had four basic requirements in designing the Strap Folio:

  1. Store. At its core, a strap storage solution must be able to store straps. Whether you have just a handful of straps, or over hundreds of them, the Strap Folio collection must be able to cater to your needs.
  2. Protect. Beyond just being a place to store straps, the Strap Folio had to protect the straps from marks and scratches. Some of our leather straps, in particular those made from veg-tan leather such as Buttero, Babele, Pueblo etc are more susceptible to marks and scratches, and the folio should provide a way to segregate the straps from one another.
  3. Organise. With different straps meant to fit different watches, it was important that the folio also provided a way to organise the straps. We wouldn't want you to accidentally take a 20mm strap for a 19mm lug width watch!
  4. Display. Finally, we wanted a way to display the strap collection in its full glory. We firmly believe that straps are not and should not just be an afterthought - a solid strap collection is just as impressive and fun as a solid watch collection. After all, our straps are all handcrafted and in some ways, are functional pieces of art (just like the watches we put them on). Why hide all that beauty behind an opaque material like canvas?

Strap Folio (Small) stores up to 12 straps, while Strap Folio (Large) stores up to 72 straps. They are available in four colourways: Black, Grey, Brown and Light Grey. 

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