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Strap Guide written by @watchillaax.


When I got the Tudor Black Bay 36 I had fewer watches and needed a versatile piece, that I could wear with different outfits from a dressy night out in a suit to a casual situation. I have to say it never disappointed. In my opinion this is one of the most versatile pieces in the watch history and if you ask me, a future classic. I gave it almost 2 years of wear without even taking off the bracelet, because it just kept the watch neutral and easy to pair with anything no matter what I was wearing. But why would you keep such a beautiful dial neutral when you could elevate it and make it stand out with a great strap? I hope the following shots will inspire you to DARE and take off that bracelet on your Black Bay 36 to make it look even more interesting.

Strap Guide written by @watchestolove.

I think the Reverso Tribute Burgundy is probably the boldest watch in my collection. I never thought I would ever own a watch with a red dial, as I always deemed it to be somewhat feminine, until I saw it in person. My jaw dropped to the floor and was blown away by the richness of the red dial. Sometimes it’s near black, sometimes it’s burgundy, and when under the sun it’s blood red. 

I also didn’t think it would match clothes that well, but it does. Then there’s the rectangular case, it just feels perfect on the wrist, the crown never digs in the skin thanks to the smaller surface area. The flipping mechanism is also incredibly addicting to play with and I play with it subconsciously far more than I would like to admit. The Reverso is just one of those versatile watches that is right at home with either a formal or casual look.

Huge thanks to Delugs for this strap guide opportunity, allowing me to share the different strap possibilities with this beautiful watch.

Strap Guide written by @wonger.bonger.

The Speedmaster Broad Arrow reference 3594.50 is a very under the radar kind of Speedmaster. From afar, it certainly has strong Speedmaster vibes. Yet it doesn’t scream the moon landing history or its NASA certification background in your face. It’s a Speedmaster that takes it back to its roots, the watch that was made for gentlemen racers of the 50s. Even though this was the first ever Speedmaster to pay tribute to the original Speedmaster back in 1957, it’s a watch that can be considered a failure in marketing. Nicknamed the “Replica” by Omega themselves, no one wanted to touch this watch with a 10-foot pole. I guess the word “Reissue” was not in the marketing dictionary yet back in the 90s. 

However, like any great watch, if you pay attention to the details, you’ll find that this is no replica at all. Tons of unique and quirky vintage touches are added to this special release. The applied vintage Omega logo, the original Speedmaster font on the dial, the elongated hour markers WITHOUT fauxtina lume, and the ever so subtly grey dial. These details all add up to a Speedmaster that’s truly wonderful to own and enjoy in a sea of Speedmaster limited editions. 

With this strap guide, I hope to highlight the unique and wonderful wearing experience of this forgotten reference.

Strap Guide written by @thetravelingtimepiece

Hey everyone! This is Jorge G aka @thetravelingtimepiece When Ken asked me if I would be interested in doing a Strap Guide for my Pam111, I did not hesitate to say yes. The Panerai Luminor Marina Pam111 was for a long time in my list of watches I really wanted in my collection. To be honest, I really wanted a Panerai with a Sandwich dial, no date -as I dislike the way the cyclops looks on Panerai- and an open case back, even though I don’t usually look at it. The watch came to me via my brother, who is also a watch collector, and I couldn’t be happier.

Delugs has a lot of great options for Panerai watches, and it was not easy to choose only five of them for this Strap Guide but I ended up choosing the Cognac Crazy Horse Strap, the Orange Buttero Chunky Strap, and the Navy Minerva Box Chunky strap; I also requested my wife’s help to choose two other straps, as I am colorblind and I tend to go for the same colors all the time, and I am so glad she got to choose. She chose the Moss Green Babele Chunky Strap and the Natural Babele Chunky Strap.

Strap Guide written by @rob_hayes92.

The Zenith A384 Revival, a watch that to the seasoned collector need no introduction. But a watch that very much deserves an introduction anyway. Back in 1969, Zenith, a then little known watchmaker from Le Locle unveiled an integrated chronograph beating at 36,000vph – the El Primero. The watch that was first to wear this ground-breaking movement was the Zenith A384. We could have almost lost the El Primero altogether in the 1970’s had it not been for Charles Vermont – and I’m sure we’re all grateful history turned out like it did!

Fast-forward 50 years to 2019, and Zenith faithfully recreated a modern version of this iconic watch. The A384 Revival took everything that made the original so special – the El Primero calibre, the Panda dial, the 37mm tonneau case. But augmented this with tweaks to suit the 21st century, swapping the plexi crystal for a sapphire domed one, and a sapphire crystal on the case back to expose the beauty of the El Primero beating away inside.

About the Watch & Wrist

Today’s guide is featured on a 6.1” (15.5cm) wrist. As a smaller wristed fellow, I thank Zenith for their decision not to scale up the watch to fit larger modern tastes. While on paper, 37mm sounds like it would be small, the tonneau case helps to elongate the case across the wrist, and make wear closer to a 39mm circular watch. The combined dial and tachymeter is an ingenious piece of design, increasing the visual presence of the watch on the wrist, while keeping the dial size compact. This also has the added benefit of removing the need for bezels, and allow for an elegant domed sapphire crystal, which seamlessly transitions into the complexly curved, faceted, and chamfered case – giving the watch a 3-dimensional depth and visual display on the wrist that cannot be truly captured in photos. It is a watch to see in person to get the true experience!

The watch has a 19mm lug width, which is proportionally balanced for the smaller case and short 46.6mm lug-to-lug. 

On my wrist, the small (105/65) straps are a perfect fit with the lug-to-lug. Placing the buckle right in the middle. I, time and again, return to Delugs for my straps for this reason. I have tried many straps over the years but often find it is difficult to get off-the-shelf straps that fit when you have small wrists, with the majority being too long! 

Strap Guide

Many of us find ourselves returning to some normality after a difficult couple of years, with more opportunities to dress up, be it for work or for fun. For today’s strap guide, I wanted to capture some of this positive energy with a selection of straps that bring out the character of the Zenith A384. The A384 is a bit of a blank canvas and can easily go from smart casual to really making a show just with a simple strap change. Straps are our ability to accessorise our watch, add flare to our outfit, and really capture and embody our personality.

Strap Guide written by @lifeof_a_wis.

There are a few timepieces that one can immediately notice from a distance. A case shape that draws attention especially to the WIS-minded person like me. PANERAI is one of them. With its military roots, one cannot deny how robust and innovative their designs are. From the patented Radiomir, to the Luminor, down to the iconic “love-hate” crown protecting device which is a recognizable element of the brand.

Strap Guide written by @bwatched.

We watch collectors all have our own holy grails. Watches that we lusted after for quite some time. For me a complicated Patek Philippe was a grail watch since I was a young adult. 

The mystery surrounding Patek Philippe combined with the techniques and craftsmanship is something that captivate the minds of watch collectors. 

For me the Annual Calendar Chronograph is the most appealing Patek Philippe Complication. This model has an Annual Calendar combined with a Flyback Chronograph. It’s also the very first in-house automatic Chronograph ever made by Patek Philipp, an iconic watch for sure and a future classic. 

This model has a white gold case combined with a blue textured dial. This combination gives the watch a very casual (and almost sporty) look. 

The casual look, combined with very functional complications makes the perfect everyday watch!

Strap Guide written by @psqwatches.

Hi, I am Pasquale, on the web I am known as PSQ Watches, an Italian page where I tell my passion for the world of watches. Those who know me know how much I love the world of straps and I want to thank Delugs from the start for this fantastic opportunity to make a Strap Guide, a series that I love to read. 

Today we are going to talk about what are the right pairings for a watch that, in my opinion, is fantastic: the IWC Pilot Chronograph 41mm with blue dial. 

IWC with this watch completely shifted the perception of their idea of the pilot, of the watch as a tool.  And it's all thanks to the blue they have managed to create, to the dimensionality you can achieve with this large and deep dial. 

But while blue is a hypnotic and fantastic color to wear, it remains one of the most difficult colors to match with the various straps. Which is why you will see simple and versatile straps today, despite the fact that Delugs' catalog is truly exotic and distinctive. 

My idea when looking for the right strap is always this: you don't have to exalt the strap, you have to exalt the watch. You have to understand that it's important to find the perfect match to make the watch stand out in its entirety and never look extreme or out of place.

Strap Guide written by @olli.ver.

Hi, I'm Oliver (@olli.ver) and I would like to showcase this “ladies' watch“. Yes, you might have heard of it, the Kurono Tokyo Seiji was intended to be a watch just for female customers. But after some time Kurono Tokyo decided to offer it to everyone who's interested or at least 500 people that are interested. Because it's limited to this amount of pieces. And thank god, that was a good decision!

It's just a really great mixture of a dresser and so-called “summer-watch“. I mean, 37mm case, turquoise dial, only 7mm thin, and it goes really well with different straps.

But to keep it short and simple and not to bore you with too many words we should start into the setups with some different straps. Here we go!

Strap Guide written by @samsveblenianobsession

​​IWC has a long history making Pilot watches, also known as a “Flieger”, which is German for “Airman”.    From the use of their fliegers in WWII to the development of the “Mark” line for the British RAF, IWC's credentials in producing these watches is undeniable.  

The “Top Gun” is a variant of the current Mark XVIII line and is cased in ceramic opposed to its traditional stainless steel.  In my opinion, it updates and modernizes the traditional flieger aesthetic, creating a sleek, versatile, and well-rounded watch.  While the black ceramic naturally lends itself to a sporty appeal, given the right strap, the watch spruces up surprisingly well, making it very fitting for everyday wear. Of course, dressing the watch to meet different circumstances requires a good watch strap, and thanks to Ken and the good people at Delugs, I have a lot of great options.

Strap Guide written by @j.witkin.

The Omega Seamaster is an icon in its own right. The first models to carry the name “Seamaster” were based on wristwatches designed for, and worn by, the British Military during World War II. Since its inception, this incredibly successful model has lived in limbo between being a some-what formal watch, and a tool watch. This theme remains true when you look at the James Bond era of Seamasters. Who else is capable of walking the line between black-tie and super-spy better than 007? Perhaps this delicate balance is what many enthusiasts find attractive in this model. Whether you are a fan of the watches' film discography or not, the Seamaster holds its own in the world of versatile watches. 

My particular Seamster is a reference 2531.80 from 1994. It is a birth-year watch for me and was particularly difficult to track down due to some strange occurrences with serial numbers during the 1990s. Sometimes I forget that this is not a modern watch, as it is over 25 years old it is what many call “neo-vintage”. With age comes a few perks, such as the tritium lume plots that have aged gracefully into a pale shade of pumpkin. When I initially acquired this watch, I was worried that the lume color, the slight faded blue wave dial, and the dynamic blues of the aluminum bezel insert would make strap pairing a nightmare. I was very wrong. This watch truly is what all of us watch nerds call a “strap monster.”

When pairing my watch and strap, I pay specific attention to textures. Contrasting textures can often ruin the look for me, but I have found a few cases where pure unadulterated fun triumphs over textural preferences.

Strap Guide written by @uvalaw2005.

Hundreds of watches have passed through my hands over the years, but this vintage Rolex Datejust has vanquished all competitors. This outcome would have surprised me when the watch bug first bit me a decade ago. I long thought of the Datejust as an old man's watch and was bewildered by the variety of models over the past 50 years.

But I turned 40 a couple of years ago, and apparently became an old man, as suddenly the Datejust looked gorgeous whenever I saw it. I started doing my research into the various iterations and decided I was particularly enamored of the pie pan dials from the four-digit era. A few weeks after my birthday, a beautiful 1601 from the mid-1970s popped up on Reddit and I jumped at it. It took such a hold of my wrist that within a year it had driven every other watch out of my collection.

One of the things I love about the vintage four-digit models is that, as great as the jubilee bracelet looks, the slim drilled lugs also lend themselves to a variety of straps that can accentuate the Datejust’s versatility as a dress and sports watch.

Delugs was kind enough to send me several 20mm leather options to try out on my 6.75" inch wrist, all in the 115mm/70mm Medium size.

Strap Guide written by @qtip.416.

Watch collectors are an interesting group.  We can obsess over minute details of a watch such as a matching colour date wheel and the length of a syringe hand, but to a sane person these things don’t matter.  I am a professed watch nerd and over the years I’ve gravitated towards ‘tool’ watches.  Owning a tool watch may run contrary in an age where one considers them functional jewelry.  However, I appreciate tool watches because they are robust, purposefully built, and for the most part simple.  The less bling, the better. 

When IWC released the Big Pilot’s Watch 43 in 2021, I was instantly intrigued.  The Big Pilot 43 is now housed in a more wrist-friendly 43mm case (52mm lug to lug), as opposed to the original watch which is a behemoth 46mm (57mm lug to lug).  One can argue that the Big Pilot is IWC’s flagship piece and, as a bonus to me, is a perfect example of a tool watch.  This watch has a beautiful blue, symmetrical, sunburst dial. Historically, it was built in the 1940’s for pilots because it displays extremely large, legible, white Arabic numbers which make it easier to see in a cockpit. It is a time only watch and capped by an oversized onion crown allowing one to set the time easier while donning pilot gloves.  

The OEM rivet strap that came with the Big Pilot 43 just doesn’t do it for me.  Naturally, I ordered some Delugs straps to pair with my new watch.  The symmetrical, clean blue dial lends itself to being versatile with various strap combinations.

Strap Guide written by @thewatchphoto.

It would be an exaggeration to say that Grand Seiko broke the [watch] internet when they first announced their Heritage Four Seasons collection back in September 2019, but one could certainly argue that those models are, almost 3 years later, actually more popular than ever before. Initially released as US Limited Editions only, but now available worldwide, each of the four models introduced meant to pay tribute to one of Japan's 24 Sekki (“micro-seasons” if you will). The initial press release contained vivid, heavily saturated renderings and beautiful imagery. I, like many, was not quite sure what to make of it all. However, once real life photos started to trickle online, the watch world was hooked, and I fell desperately in love with one in particular: the SBGA413 Shunbun.

Strap Guide written by @timebyraf.

The infamous Cartier Tank Basculante, ref 2390. Because of its lug width of 20mm, this watch is a real strap queen. It took me some time to understand why this is the case, but I found out that the different finished metal parts and the wonderful white guilloche dial offer a minimalistic and clean base which only gets accented by the heat blued hands and the iconic blue cabochon at 12 o’ clock. Some might say that Cartier timepieces are always dressy and never casual, but with my Basculante I really do not care. Don’t ask me why, but I think that this piece goes just as well with a hoodie as it goes with a suit, as you will see in the following pictures.

Strap Guide written by @watchestolove.

Grand Seiko is a brand that I adore very much, the level of finishing at this price point is simply unmatched. For many years I have been looking for the perfect Grand Seiko, and this Omiwatari is as close as it gets. It has the rather rare 9R31 hand wind Spring Drive movement which allows for insane accuracy that rivals or surpasses many quartz movements. It not only moves the power reserve to the movement side for an uncluttered dial but is beautifully finished as well. I feel thickness is typically the Achilles’ heel for Grand Seiko, but I’m very happy to see the Omiwatari is housed in the curvy and slim Elegance case, measuring at 10.2mm high. Then there’s the star of the show, the Omiwatari dial, which is the Japanese term describing where the Gods walk across the ice at the frozen Lake Suwa. It is a brand new ice themed dial after the famous Snowflake, and it is such a treat to explore the subtle textures on the dial. The proportions of the Omiwatari would suggest a dress watch, but as we will see it can be dressed up or down very nicely!

Strap Guide written by @chen_alexander.

The Tudor Black Bay 58 is one of the most beloved watches in the community today. From the 39mm case size to its beautifully balanced dial, this vintage-inspired modern diver is ready for any occasion. What makes the versatile watch even better is its capabilities to look good on and off its steel bracelet. Here are five examples that strap a new look onto the timepiece.