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Page in progress! Please bear with us as we re-work the site and add more details to the leather we use.

There's about 20 different leather that we use across all products, and it can be quite tough to keep track of the different type of leather and their various properties. We hope to keep this page updated as we add new leather to our collections!

Our leather is sourced from tanneries, leather suppliers and resellers all over the world. We try to find the best leather for the best prices, and tend to prefer leather from a tannery that we know and trust to put out quality leather.

  1. Shell Cordovan
  2. Barenia
  3. Epsom
  4. Chromexcel
  5. Russian Hatch Grain
  6. Dakota
  7. Dollaro
  8. Waxed Camouflage
  9. Pueblo
  10. Waxy
  11. Cloth
  12. Mud
  13. Alligator/Crocodile
  14. Lizard
  15. Stingray