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Regular Straps - Shell Cordovan

Founded in 1951, the Shinki Hikaku tannery is nestled in Kobe, Japan. True to Japanese reputation, the hides produced by this quiet horsehide expert display a high level of attention to detail.

Dubbed the diamond of leathers, shell cordovan is made from the muscle around the horse's rump which forms a "shell". It is an exceedingly rare leather for three reasons:

  1. Only two small oval shaped areas can result from each animal;

  2. Horses are only raised as part of the food chain in a few places in the world, resulting in a low supply of horsehides as a byproduct; and

  3. Shell cordovan techniques require complicated tanning techniques that take up to six months to complete.

As shell is made from strong muscle fibers, this leather is dense and typically rigid. However, this is not a problem in our Slim style straps which remain very flexible and comfortable.

Shell is particularly at home as a watch strap, one of its signature properties being that it tends to ripple rather than crease. Shinki Hikaku's version of the leather is also extremely clean and uniform, and can show off cool tones and depth of colour.

With unmatched durability, these straps are likely to last as long as your timepiece. In that time, it will develop a beautiful patina while maintaining its natural texture.

Fitting as naturally on a dressy watch as it would on a casual one, shell cordovan is an easy choice for anyone looking to upgrade their strap game.