Regular Straps - Alligator / Crocodile

If you're looking to class up your timepiece, look no further than alligator or crocodile straps. Versatile to a fault, these reptile hides complement modern and vintage watches alike. While many cattle hides offer unique textures, few come close to the distinctly recognisable scales of an alligator / crocodile belly.

We are proud to offer alligators and crocodiles of various hues and finishes for your every need. Dark shades in an understated matte finish pair well with a metropolitan style, or go all out with a striking Millennium Finish for that flash of style!

We source our Alligator / Crocodile from various tanneries, including the famed Heng Long tannery from Singapore, who is wholly owned by LVMH and supplies alligator / crocodile leather to many of the top fashion houses.