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Regular Straps - Buttero

Located in the heart of the Italian leather distract in Toscana, Italy, the Walpier tannery has operated over the last 40 years, churning out remarkable leathers on the international stage. Conceria Walpier is also a member of the Consorzio Vera Pelle Italiana Conciata Al Vegetable, a consortium of leather tanneries sharing the same high standards of production, and a mark of quality and authenticity.

Buttero leather, the king of patina, is arguably their most famous article. It picks up marks and scratches which quickly blend gracefully into the subsurface. Produced with an aniline finish which shows off the hide's natural surface as opposed to a smooth pigmented topcoat, the leather comes in crisp and vibrant colours as well as traditional shades. With time and wear, your strap will develop a natural sheen and deeper hues. All of this built on a base of firm temper full-grain shoulders - built to last.