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Much has been said about the Cartier Santos (de Cartier) that was redesigned and released in 2018. It is an iconic design with a lot of heritage, beautiful mixture of brushed and polished texture with fine details like the bevelled case, priced decently and extremely versatile with the new QuickSwitch strap system that allows you to easily swap between bracelets and leather strap. We are proud to announce that we now offer straps with the QuickSwitch adapter for the Santos de Cartier line-up!
Today we launched our newest collection, in an entirely new style, material and price range, the Elastic Loop. It is a slight departure from our regular products, price range and customer group, and we wanted to explain the thought process behind releasing this collection.

Watches and straps are accessories that form an individual's outfit and fashion. We partnered with Singapore-based menswear brand, Yeossal, to take that idea further, by matching your outfit with the right watch straps.

We spent an afternoon at Yeossal, looking across their wide range of clothes and shoes, exploring with different colours and textures. We hope that these photos will give you a better idea of how to match your strap with your outfit. Learn more about Yeossal here.

As an e-commerce only brand, one of the biggest challenge I've had to deal with is to bring the in-person shopping customer experience to the Internet. Questions about strap recommendations for a specific watch have always been hard to answer. The best way to really know what works is to have the strap on hand, fitted to your watch, and put it on your wrist. The second best way, I hope, is the Delugs Strap Finder. It is a tool that allows you to easily choose a watch and strap combo, and visualise how it looks immediately, right from your fingertips and at your own convenience.
As a crafter, it's crucial to get the best quality of raw materials that you can afford to. Here at Delugs, the quality of the leather we use is everything. Good construction can't save a strap if it's made with low quality leather. And when it comes to Alligator leather, there's one place in the world that delivers the best quality - Heng Long tannery.
Announcing the winner of the inaugural Delugs Design Competition. Thank you all for your participation and we hope everyone had fun!
Delugs Design Competition 2020. You saw it here first!

Thank you 2019 for a great year! Join us as we look back on 2019 and look ahead to 2020. We run through milestones and numbers, feedback from our customers for 2019, and what our product and brand focus for 2020 will look like.



The Horween Chromexcel Signature watch strap launch is not just any launch. It is the launch of our vision.

A good quality watch strap is apparent by examining the leather and construction.

For leather, generally full grain or top grain leather should be used. The specific article of leather, if known, will provide more information on the type of leather. 

For construction, you would want to look the stitching, edge finishing, symmetry and overall cleanliness.

On the market today, there are a lot of strap makers. How are we any different? Read on to find out more!
Every start-up or company has a beginning. This is our story.