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This is the story of how the Tissot PRX rubber strap by Delugs came to be, and also the story of how Delugs started our Rubber collection. A behind-the-scenes look into our product development process!

The Tissot PRX was first released in 2021, and quickly became a favourite across the horology world. However, it came with just the bracelet, and only a year later did Tissot release the leather strap. There was no rubber strap for the PRX, until today.

Today, after months of research and development, Delugs is pleased to announce that we are releasing integrated rubber straps for the Tissot PRX - a first in the world!

We will be increasing prices on 7 Jul 2022. Here's why.
Here's what we have been up to, and what you can expect from Delugs for the rest of 2022.

At Delugs, it is no secret that we are obsessed about quick release spring bars and have been huge proponents of them from the very beginning, so much so that it comes default on almost all of our straps.

Today, we are releasing our custom developed and manufactured quick release spring bars, that will finally end the debate on quick release vs regular spring bars.

Weekends before Watches & Wonders are typically slow, like the calm before the storm. However, this past weekend, the world witnessed a something akin to a storm, and no I’m not referring to Will Smith bitch-slapping Chris Rock. For those who have not read the news in the past few days, Omega and Swatch released a collaboration of watches, modelled after the former’s iconic Moonwatch, hence the name MoonSwatch. What was surprising was a demand, so tremendous even regular national news sites picked it up. There were queues that made the lines for the first iPhones back when they were a novelty seem like a deserted island. Could this have been foreseen? Was this a marketing gimmick? Could the brands have handled the opening day better? What was the point of the release? These were all questions that came up in the aftermath of the launch (no pun intended) of the MoonSwatches. But first, let’s look at the watches themselves.

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The MB&F LM101 is the watch that sucked me into the world of independent watchmaking.  Originally, I had dismissed the independent universe as the watches were often either unattainable (F.P Journe) or too wild for my taste (Urwerk).  In fact, when a friend messaged me with photos of the LM101 asking if he should buy it, I had told him to pass. 

But rather hypocritically, when I saw another friend’s steel LM101 in the metal, it was so jawdropping that I messaged Max Büsser the next day to order and place a deposit for my own piece.

We are extremely excited to have started a new initiative within the watch community - the Strap Guide. It is a showcase for photographs and write-ups of watches on our straps, written by members of our community!
Much has been said about the Cartier Santos (de Cartier) that was redesigned and released in 2018. It is an iconic design with a lot of heritage, beautiful mixture of brushed and polished texture with fine details like the bevelled case, priced decently and extremely versatile with the new QuickSwitch strap system that allows you to easily swap between bracelets and leather strap. We are proud to announce that we now offer straps with the QuickSwitch adapter for the Santos de Cartier line-up!
Zip Box - Store, Protect and Showcase your Watches! This is THE watch case that all watch collectors should have.
If you own a Santos-Dumont and are looking for 3rd party alternatives to the integrated leather strap, you'll want to check out our offering!
Looking for an alternative to the OEM leather straps from Vacheron Constantin for the Overseas line? Look no further! We now have straps for 3rd Generation of VC Overseas!
If you're looking for a way to store and organise your ever growing collection of straps, you need the Strap Folio. It is the first-of-its-kind product on the market, perfect for collectors that needs some organisation in your life!
Today we launched our newest collection, in an entirely new style, material and price range, the Elastic Loop. It is a slight departure from our regular products, price range and customer group, and we wanted to explain the thought process behind releasing this collection.

Watches and straps are accessories that form an individual's outfit and fashion. We partnered with Singapore-based menswear brand, Yeossal, to take that idea further, by matching your outfit with the right watch straps.

We spent an afternoon at Yeossal, looking across their wide range of clothes and shoes, exploring with different colours and textures. We hope that these photos will give you a better idea of how to match your strap with your outfit. Learn more about Yeossal here.

As an e-commerce only brand, one of the biggest challenge I've had to deal with is to bring the in-person shopping customer experience to the Internet. Questions about strap recommendations for a specific watch have always been hard to answer. The best way to really know what works is to have the strap on hand, fitted to your watch, and put it on your wrist. The second best way, I hope, is the Delugs Strap Finder. It is a tool that allows you to easily choose a watch and strap combo, and visualise how it looks immediately, right from your fingertips and at your own convenience.
As a crafter, it's crucial to get the best quality of raw materials that you can afford to. Here at Delugs, the quality of the leather we use is everything. Good construction can't save a strap if it's made with low quality leather. And when it comes to Alligator leather, there's one place in the world that delivers the best quality - Heng Long tannery.
Announcing the winner of the inaugural Delugs Design Competition. Thank you all for your participation and we hope everyone had fun!