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Recommend Me a Strap!

Recommend Me a Strap!

This article only recommends Regular Straps, and not Curved, Apple Watch or Panerai Straps. 

You are looking for an upgrade from your current watch strap. You hear people talking about Delugs, and see the straps on Instagram. That's a fresh look for this watch, you think. You head over to the website...and you freeze. There's just so many options! Analysis paralysis sets in.

I like this strap but cannot visualise how this would look on my watch! What if it clashes?
I'm really rough with my watches. Is this strap durable enough?
I want something bright and loud for a more casual look. Would this be too much?

Through this article, we are going to attempt to recommend a strap to you. I say attempt, because I am recommending a strap without knowing anything about the ideal strap that you are looking for. I hope to provide a starting point for you to narrow your search. 

If you prefer to jump straight into the recommendation, skip this section. Otherwise, check out the following useful links to learn a little more.

    1. I just want what everyone else is getting - can't go too wrong with that!

    If you are looking for a safe choice, you can head over to shop our Best Sellers. Our most popular straps are the Light Grey Nubuck Slim, and the Matte Navy Alligator Signature. Both straps are very versatile and pair very nicely with almost all watches. If you are looking for a standard brown leather strap, go with the Whiskey Chromexcel Signature

    2. I lead an active lifestyle, and am pretty rough with my straps. I need something that has good scratch and water-resistance.

    If you want something that can withstand splashes or scratches, you are generally looking for chrome-tanned leather. The best leather for this is our Saffiano or Epsom range of straps. Those guys can take a beating and still look fresh after.

    3. I want a leather that patinas - as I use it, over time it picks up the scratches and marks from my daily adventures, develops a slight sheen, and tells a story.

    If you want leather that patina, veg-tan leather are the best for those, and we have a lot of options! Buttero straps develop one of the nicest patina. Pueblo and Minerva Box have interesting textures. Barenia develops a patina slightly slower, but also has good scratch resistant properties.

    4. I want a strap to dress down my watch. Something I can wear out on the weekend, with t-shirt and jeans. Something with more colours.

    Our straps with the boldest colours come from the Epsom, Chevre and Nubuck range. If you are looking for some amazing texture that will really have you appreciating good quality leather, be sure to check out the Babele and Pueblo series.

    5. I need a strap for a formal occasion. Help!

    Alligator is always the best look for a formal occasion. Go with a darker colour that matches your outfit. If you prefer a non-exotic leather, there's also Saffiano and Shell Cordovan.

    6. I want a strap that matches the look of my watch.

    If you are a visual person and need to see a combo to decide if it works or not, check out the Strap Finder, or the Strap Guide, to get some inspiration on watch and strap pairing.

    If you are looking for generic pairing recommendations based on the colour of your dial/case, here's my two cents:

    • Monochromatic watches (black/white/grey dial): Anything goes! Choose whatever colour you want. These watches are strap monsters.
    • Blue dial: Blue, Grey, Black strap.
    • Cream dial: A Light to Medium Brown, or Taupe straps. Candidates include Natural Nubuck, Fauve Barenia, Cream or Taupe Saffiano.
    • Salmon dial: Taupe, Medium to Dark Brown, Black, Grey straps.
    • Green dial: Green, Grey, Orange straps.
    • Yellow/Rose gold case: Green, Taupe, Brown straps.

    If none of the above categories work for you, reach out to us and let me know what you need help with!


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