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Length is everything in trying to get the right fit for the Elastic Loop, since there are no hardware and it is not adjustable. Read this article to find out what length you should get for your Elastic Loop.
You are looking for an upgrade from your current watch strap. You hear people talking about Delugs, and see the straps on Instagram. That's a fresh look for this watch, you think. You head over to the website...and you freeze. There's just so many options! Analysis paralysis sets in.

A very common question we receive from people who are new to the world of changing your watch straps is: Does your strap fit my watch?

So hopefully by the time you are done reading this page, you will have an answer to that question. There are a few ways we are going to tackle this question:

  1. What type of watch strap does your watch need?
  2. What is the lug width of your watch?
  3. Does your watch need a curved lug?
Trying to prevent paying for foreign transaction fees and prefer to pay in your local currency instead? Find out how you can do that on our website!
Our straps are all handstitched, and we use linen thread from Meisi for all our thread requirements. With over 70 colours and two sizes to choose from, you won't run out of choices. Check out the colour options available!

Small, Medium, Large, which one should I get?

One of the fears of buying straps online is that you might not know if the strap is of the correct length to suit your wrist. We hope that by the time you are done reading this page, you will know what size you should get.

Does my watch require the use of curved lug straps? If your watch needs it, you will probably know. But if your watch doesn't need it, you might be wondering if you should still get it. This article will help you understand what curved straps are, why do people use them, and whether you need it for your watch.

We offer a wide variety of options for your custom strap, including Zermatt, Epsom, FKM Rubber, Alligator flank, and many other leathers we have. Find out what are the pros and cons of each one of the options for your custom strap lining material.