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How to Convert Regular Straps to (Psuedo) Curved Straps

How to Convert Regular Straps to (Psuedo) Curved Straps

While we do have Curved Straps that are in stock and readily available, the range of strap options is not as extensive as our Regular Straps collection. In addition, curved straps are only available in width of 20-16, and not the other widths. This means that our ready stock of Curved Straps will not fit watches like the Ming 20.11 Mosaic with a lug width of 22mm, or the MB&F LM101 with a lug width of 21mm, or other MB&F models like the LM1 or MAD1 with a lug width of 24mm (we do have some Curved Straps in 24mm, made specifically for the MAD1).

If you are looking for more Curved Strap options to fit on watches that require it, you may want to consider "converting" your Regular Straps to Curved Straps, and making it into a pseudo-Curved Strap.

How does the construction of Curved Straps differ from Regular Straps?

There are two key differences in the construction of Curved Straps.

1. First, the ends (lug area) of on Curved Straps is made with a curvature, with the leather shaped into a curve. However, on a Regular Strap, it is made to be straight. Because of the curvature of the strap end, this also means that the total width of the leather on a Curved Strap (blue line) is actually slightly more than the actual lug width (red line).

2. Second, Curved Straps are fitted with a Curved spring bar, instead of a Straight spring bar. This helps to reinforce and keep the strap in the curved configuration.


How to convert Regular Straps to Curved Straps?

Because of the difference in construction mentioned earlier in Point 1, a Regular Strap can never become exactly like a Curved Strap, after the strap is already crafted and made. However, with one simple modification, a Regular Strap can still fit into watches that might only take Curved Straps.

It is actually pretty simple - all you have to do is to swap the Straight spring bars to Curved spring bars (which we sell separately). You don't need any special tools to switch spring bars too - we have a video tutorial here!

What you will end up with is a Regular Strap with a Curved Spring Bar, or a "psuedo-Curved Strap". This should work with most watches that typically require Curved Straps, such as FP Journe, Ming, JLC, Moser etc. You will need to "mold" the straight edge of the strap into a curved edge, helped by the presence of the Curved spring bar.

MB&F LM101 on a psuedo-Curved Strap (21mm lug width)

What are the trade-offs of making such a conversion?

There are two main trade-offs.

First, because of the difference in construction, specifically the width of the leather, a psuedo-Curved Strap might not fit the entire lug width. For example, a 20mm Regular Strap converted to a Curved Strap might only have a lug width of ~19.8mm. There might be a slight gap between the strap and the watch.

Second, because the leather itself was not made to be curved, when you mold the leather to follow the curvature of the spring bar, it might result in a slight bunching up of the leather. In another words, the curvature of the strap might not be so elegant.

What are the alternatives?

If you do not wish to convert your Regular Strap into a psuedo-Curved Strap, but still want a stap to fit your watch, you have two options.

First, if your watch is a 20mm lug width, you can purchase any of the Curved Straps that we have available in stock. However, I presume you are on this page because those straps are not suitable, so...

Second, you can have a Curved Strap custom made with any of our leather, and in any lug width. This will ensure that you have a properly crafted Curved Strap to use with your watch, and you can make it to the exact specification that you want or need.


We hope this mini-guide has been helpful, if you are looking to stretch the usefulness and versatility of your Regular Straps! And as always, if there are any questions or feedback, do feel free to reach out to us on Instagram or via email.


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