Delugs take on an elastic velcro strap

The Delcro Strap

The best fabric strap there is.

Extremely comfortable, one-size-fits-all, no fraying.


The Delcro Strap

Introducing yet another peak in comfort and style: the Delcro.

Designed with comfort and convenience in mind, the Delcro is an elasticised fabric strap that secures via a hook-and-loop fastening, and it's one-size-fits-all.

Crafted with a soft, comfortable fabric that feels gentle against your skin, and featuring the ever familiar hook-and-loop mechanism that provides ease-of-use and time-tested reliability. It also allows for infinite adjustment, and is a true one-size-fits-all solution - you no longer have to worry about what size to purchase!

With a wide range of colours and fabric construction, this strap effortlessly complements sportswear, casual outings, and even nights on the town, allowing you to express your unique style. 

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Putting on the Delcro

Here's how it works.

Key Features

The first impression you'll get after touching the Delcro is just how soft the material is. We've been so used to stiff fabric, that this feels almost illegal!

Featuring a soft, comfortable fabric on the interior, the Delcro is designed to ensure a pleasant wearing experience all day long. In fact, you'll likely forget that you're even wearing a strap!

And if it ever gets dirty with use, just throw it in the wash, leave it to air dry, and it's as good as new!

The hook-and-loop system is not only easy and familiar to use, it also provides reliability in a time-tested mechanism you can trust. Each Delcro comes with five hook patches at the end of the strap, ensuring a secure attachment that can withstand your active lifestyle. Wear with confidence!

The loop surface covers the entire length of the strap, so you can hook the Delcro along any point of the strap. And unlike traditional hook-and-loop, this one is extremely soft to the touch!

The hook-and-loop mechanism means that you don't have to worry about any sizing issues - just tighten the strap to your ideal size, and secure it! It's an intuitive and seamless way to adjust the strap to your preferred comfort level, even throughout the day. Weather is getting a little hot, and you want to wear it loose? Just open, loosen, and close!

Plus, because you can secure the strap anywhere along its entire length, the same strap can fit a large range of wrist sizes, anywhere from 13.5cm up to 20cm*! This means that you can actually have one strap to share the watch with your partner, no swapping of straps needed!

*The straps were tested on a Swatch x Omega with 50mm lug-to-lug distance.

There's nothing worse than a fabric strap that frays. Unlike a worn-in leather strap which actually looks good, no one likes a frayed fabric strap. And that's why we've spent quite some time during the R&D and QC process to make sure the loop surface of the Delcro experiences minimal fraying through regular use.

The loop surface of the Delcro has been expertly engineered to maintain its integrity even after hundreds of opening and closing action. That's a few years worth of daily wear before you see any significant fraying!

Note: While the loop surface of the Delcro should not fray from regular opening and closing action, the fabric surface (the side that touches the skin) can still fray, especially if the fabric is rubbed against a sharp or rough surface repeatedly, such as the sharp inner edges of a Rolex case.

We're on a mission to promote tool-less strap removal, and it continues with the Delcro strap.  It comes equipped with the Delugs proprietary quick-release spring bars that you’ve come to know and love, allowing you to switch up your look in seconds.

Included with each Delcro is two spring bars. One is securely held in place at the end of the strap, and the other is a loose spring bar* that you have to attach onto the case as part of the installation process.

*When you first receive the Delcro, the loose spring bar is inserted into the hook surface of the strap. If your Delcro is not on a watch, you can keep the loose spring bar inserted in the same manner, so the spring bar is always together with the strap.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Delcro fit on watches with fixed lugs such as the Tudor FXD?

Unfortunately, due to the current design of the Delcro, it cannot work with watches with fixed lugs like the FXD.

However, we are looking into whether it is possible to modify the design to work on those watches. Stay tuned!

Does the Delcro fit on watches that have short lugs or require curved straps, such as FP Journe or Ming?

Due to the tight clearance between the lugs and the case, the Delcro is unable to fit onto such watches.

Read more here.

Will the Delcro be available in more colours or widths?

Yes! More colours and lug width will be available in early 2024. If you have a specific width or colour request, let us know via the live chat!

Can I customise a different colour, width or length?

Unfortunately, the manufacturing method of these straps don’t allow for individual customisation. Do check out our other customizable straps here!

My wrist size is ___cm. Does the Delcro fit?

We've tested the Delcro (paired with a Swatch x Omega with a lug-to-lug of 50mm) on wrist sizes ranging from 13.5cm to 20cm, and it will fit without any issues.

That being said, the strap will end at different places depending on the wrist size, and have a different aesthetic.

What is the thickness of the Delcro?

The hook surface of the strap measures 2.2mm

The loop surface of the strap measures 2.8mm, but it is compressible to 1.6mm.

Is there a correct orientation to wear the Delcro?

There are two possible ways to wear the Delcro:

  1. With the end tab pulled towards the 12 o'clock
  2. With the end tab pulled towards the 6 o'clock.

While the official way is to have the end tab pulled towards the 12 o'clock (as per our installation guide), you can also wear the strap in the other orientation. It is a matter of personal preference!

How do I store the loose spring bar when I'm not using the strap?

You can weave the spring bar through the loop surface of the strap.

How does the Delcro compare with the Elastic Loop?

The Delcro is one-size-fits-all, while the Elastic Loop is a fixed size with no adjustability. This means that the Delcro will likely fit your wrist better.

The material of the Delcro is softer to the touch than the Elastic Loop, and at the same time the Delcro feels more sturdy / has more structure than the Elastic Loop.

The Delcro is less elastic / stretchy than the Elastic Loop, but it's also less "scary" to put the Delcro on, because you don't have to stretch the strap like a rubber band to fit it over your wrist (which you have to for the Elastic Loop).

In short, in many ways the Delcro is superior to the Elastic Loop, but if you want a truly lightweight combo, the Elastic Loop is still king. You'll have to try them both out to decide!

How does the Delcro compare to traditional velcro straps on the market (such as those on RM)?

The Delcro is made entirely from fabric, while traditional velcro straps tend to have the velcro material stitched onto a base canvas or leather material.

Delcro is fully adjustable as the loop surface occupies the entire surface of the strap, while the loop surface of a traditional velcro strap only occupies a small portion of the strap (and is not really adjustable).

The Delcro is also much softer and thinner, and does not have as much structure as traditional velcro straps.

Can you swim with the Delcro?

Yes you can! After swimming with the Delcro (either in a pool or in the sea), just be sure to gently wash with non-abrasive tools and gentle washing agents.