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    Appreciating Cartier

    This page is dedicated to the appreciation of Cartier, both as a brand and for the watches. As one of the oldest watch brands around, Cartier watches have become classics, ranging from the widely recognisable Cartier Tank, to the iconic Cartier Crash.

    There's one common theme across all Cartiers, and that is the ability to integrate well with a wide variety of straps. The classic Cartier design is one of the most versatile when it comes to strap options. A simple strap change can make the watch truly come to life! And that's what we hope to achieve - for every Cartier collector to appreciate their watch even more, through providing a wide variety of strap options.

    With so many different models of Cartier watches, both in the current catalogue and across the hundred years of history, it can be difficult to find the right strap for your Cartier watch. That's where we hope to come in - to provide a range of straps made just for the Cartier watch. While we are starting with a relatively small range of Cartier watches (Tank, Santos de Cartier, Santos-Dumont), we hope to expand this to the rest of the current catalogue of watches, and in future, even past models of Cartiers.

    But beyond providing straps for your beloved Cartier watch, we hope to produce the occasional article on Cartier, and enrich the community with exclusive content about the brand. We hope that through this page, and our dedicated Cartier Instagram account, we can help to increase the level of appreciation for Cartier amongst the watch community.

    If Rolex is the de-facto brand for Sports Watches, we think that Cartier can be the go-to brand for Dress Watches. Let's make that happen.

    Must Read Articles

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