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How do the Cartier Tank Straps differ from Regular Straps?

How do the Cartier Tank Straps differ from Regular Straps?

If you've seen our Cartier Tank Strap collection, you may be wondering how it is different from our Regular Strap collection, especially if you own the Tank Must or Tank Louis Cartier in Large, which has a 19mm lug width. We already produce 19mm straps that work well with the Tank, so what makes the new collection any different?

There are four key differences - a curated collection for the Tanks, thinner leather around the lugs, the use of Cartier-style buckles and the addition of 16mm and 23mm lug width to the collection.

Curated Collection to Match Cartier Watches

The straps in the Cartier Tank collection are all made in our Slim style, which better fits the slim case profile of the Cartier Tank watch. This includes the Alligator and Ostrich leather, which in our Regular Strap collection, are only made in Signature style.

We also chose a range of leather and colours (including thread colour) that we think match the aesthetics of the existing Cartier Tank watches, including the coloured Tank Must, or the rose gold Tank Louis Cartier.

Thin Leather Around Lugs

Due to the short lugs of the Cartier Tank series, the Cartier Tank straps are made with thinner leather around the lugs to ensure that the straps will fit the watch properly. Thicker leather might prevent the spring bars from fitting into the spring bar holes on the watch.

Cartier-style Buckle

Straps in the Cartier Tank collection come fitted with a Cartier-style Buckle, while Regular Straps come fitted with our regular buckle. Fitting with a different buckle means that the size of the buckle tongue notch and strap holes are also different between the two collections.

Additional Lug Widths to Fit Tank Small and Tank XL

Finally, our Cartier Tank collection come with 16-14 width (16mm at the lug width and 14mm at the buckle width) to fit the Tank Small and 23-18 width (23mm at the lug width and 18mm at the buckle width) to fit the Tank XL. These widths are not available in our Regular Strap collection.

Can Regular Straps be Fitted on Cartier Tank?

Yes! If you own a Tank Large with a 19mm lug width, you may still purchase our Regular Straps and those should still fit the Cartier Tank. We recommend to purchase the Slim straps instead of the Signature straps, as the thicker leather around the lugs for the Signature straps might prevent the strap from fitting properly onto the watch. You can also custom make straps in 16mm or 23mm to fit the Tank Small and Tank XL respectively.

We hope this clarifies any questions that you may have had regarding the Cartier Tank collection!


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