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Best Practices to Prepare for a Sales

Best Practices to Prepare for a Sales

We don't often run sales, but when we do, things can get pretty crazy! Products go out of stock as you're checking out, trying to figure out sizing and fit during the last hour of the sale, taking a long time for order fulfilment, delayed responses on our customer support lines...It isn't ideal.

The good news is that you can prepare ahead of time for our sales, and get around most of these issues with just a little bit of preparation!

Here are the best practices that we recommend you take, ahead of any Delugs sales, to get the most out of our sales!

Mark the Date

Mark the date and time that our sales go live on your calendar, so that you can get your orders in ASAP! And also mark the date when our sales end, and set a reminder in case you wanted to get an order in before it ends.

Do remember to take note of the different time zones so you don't get that mixed up! Our timings are usually based on Singapore time, or GMT +8. If you need help converting across time zones, this page might help.

Find Out Your Strap Sizing

First time buying 3rd party straps or buying straps online, and not sure if the strap works for your watch, or what size to get? Read our guides on whether the strap fits your watch, and the size you need to purchase. Getting sizing right is especially important if you're ordering the Elastic Loops, since they do not have any adjustability.

Getting the sizing right will avoid any headaches you may have with sizing and fit issues, and avoid having to figure out returns thereafter.

Decide On the Straps and Accessories to Order

We have a wide range of offerings and it can be overwhelming. If you need some recommendation on which straps to get, do check out our Recommendation Guide. It is a great place to start!

Alternatively, you can pick anything from our Best Sellers - you can't go wrong with them! These are tried and tested crowd favourites, and generally go well with a wide range of watches.

If you are more of a visual person and need more photos to help you decide, read our Strap Guides or use our Strap Finder to get help with watch-strap combinations.

Don't Miss Out On Other Product Offerings!

If you're familiar with our existing product offering, and want to take advantage of our sales to get something new, be sure to check out our Latest Releases to see what are the new products that we just released! We are always making new and cool stuff, so you never know if we now have something that you have always been looking for!

Also remember to check out our Watch Storage & Accessories collection - you may find something that you didn't know you needed, like our Strap Folio to store all those straps that you were thinking of getting!

Add to Cart Before the Sales Begin

Add the items that you want to cart, so that when the sales begin, you can immediately check-out and get your order in early. As we fulfil orders according to the sequence that they are received, placing your order early will ensure that you receive your order as soon as possible!

Also, by adding to cart, you are confirming that the item in the size that you want is actually in stock - otherwise you won't be able to add it to cart!

P.S. always remember to check the lug width and size of the products AFTER adding to cart!

Read Our Policies

Familiarise yourself with our Shipping Policy, so you aren't caught off guard by our shipping rates, or hit with unsuspecting duties and taxes when the product is sent out to you. We do send with duties paid to some countries, and you would pay for these taxes at check-out.

And also read our Returns Policy. While most customers are happy with their purchases, in the unfortunate event that something doesn't quite work out with your order, at least you know what our returns policy is. 

Note: We do not offer free returns, and international shipping can be pretty expensive these days. Unfortunately we do not have regional return centres, so all returns have to be sent back to us in Singapore, and the shipping costs start from US$20-$30, depending on the service used and your specific location.

Tell a Friend, and Pool Your Order Together!

While we do offer free international shipping for orders above $250, sometimes you might just want to buy a single strap (or Elastic Loop), and the shipping cost might be too prohibitive.

Sometimes, we also run additional discounts on orders above a certain value, or gifts with purchases depending on your total order value, and you may be wondering what's the best way to get yourself into one of those higher order value tiers.

In such situations, you may consider bringing together a few buddies that are also into watches, and pool your order together! Consolidate their orders, get some validation on the straps you're purchasing (because we all need that), and have the entire order shipped to one person!

And the best part? When the shipment comes in, it's the perfect excuse for a watch get-together!

Ask Our Team

If there's any questions that you have, the best time to reach out to us is BEFORE our sales begins! Once it starts, we will have a lot of customer support queries flooding our mailboxes, so we might not be able to respond in a timely manner.

Feel free to email us at, or reach out on the live chat on our website!


Now that you know the best practices to prepare for our sales, what are you waiting for? Get started with Step One - Mark the Date


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