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Strap Guide: JLC Reverso Art Deco

Strap Guide: JLC Reverso Art Deco

Strap Guide written by @thewatchphotoThank you Majd!


By the late 1980s, the brand commonly referred to as the watchmakers’ watchmaker was on the brink and its stale lineup of timepieces was in desperate need of rejuvenation. That injection of excitement came in 1991, in the form of the new “Grand Taille” case for the Reverso. “Grand Taille” is French for “large size” though by contemporary standards, it is somewhat diminutive. Then again, I love dress watches and believe that they should wear on the smaller side! My first ever Reverso was a stainless steel Grand Taille.

In my earlier watch collecting days, I had always stayed away from coloured precious metals, fearing that they are too soft, too flashy, and “just not exactly me”. Fast forward a few years to when I came across this particularly rare reference and immediately fell in love. When I laid eyes on the “Art Deco” model for the first time, it felt like a truly distilled version of all the things I love most about Reversos. From the juxtaposition of the strong gadroon lines running above and below the dial against the sumptuously curved lugs, to the different finishes on the dial, and finally to the free-hand engraved party trick on the reverse side (see photos) was a done deal. 

Dark Brown Alcantara Signature

We begin with a more casual strap–one which, within a few short days of its arrival, made me realize that Alcantara is now one of my top 3 leathers of choice for a watch strap. While on paper (or, more likely, your screen) the material might appear to be similar to suede, it feels decidedly more plush and luxurious. The leather comes from Italy and that makes perfect sense now that I think about it: my first exposure to Alcantara happened many years ago while touring the factory of a certain supercar company in central Italy as a broke student, where Alcantara was one of the options for car interiors. The particular chocolate shade of brown shade on this strap coupled with a rose gold watch is a match made in heaven! Think casual drinks after work. Paired here with a light gray shirt, brown pants, and a textured wool zip.

Glossy Taupe Brown Crocodile Signature

It is no secret that crocodile and alligator leathers are often associated with dressing up a watch. However, I am solidly in the camp of: you do not need a suit to wear a croc leather strap. A dress watch on a croc strap can always be dressed down either by choosing a strap colour that is slightly off the beaten path of black and dark brown, or by dressing down your clothes. Or both! This glossy taupe colour is absolutely stunning and difficult to portray in photos. Think rainy weekends in the countryside. Paired here with a light blue quarter zip sweater, dark navy jeans, and a classic olive green Barbour wax jacket.

Copper Ostrich Signature

On the formality scale, ostrich leather falls somewhere between the previous two entries in this strap guide. The strong contrast between the “peaks and valleys” of ostrich leather texture is striking and attention-grabbing. The warm copper tones in this strap bring up the red hues in the rose gold metal. Think weekend brunch in the depths of winter. Paired here with a thick knitted wool sweater and cinnamon coloured pants.

Navy Shell Cordovan Slim

Shell cordovan comes from the hind of a horse, and was first made by the Visigoths in Spain, followed by the Moors (hence “Cordovan” ie. from Cordoba). Because the fibers in shell cordovan are packed so densely together, the final watch strap product is incredibly durable. This particular variant comes from Shinki Hikaku tannery in Japan. It is rare to come across a leather material that is as smooth, non-creasing and tough as this. The navy colour is vivid and rich, and provides a pleasant contrast to the Reverso, while the glossy finish matches the shiny dial. Think business dinners. Paired here with a dark navy jumper, jeans, and wool coat.

Light Grey Nubuck Slim

Nubuck leather is incredibly soft and reminiscent of suede, but more durable by virtue of the fact that they come from the tougher outside layer of the leather hide which is then sanded down. This makes Nubuck straps perfect for casual daily wear. Seen here in Light Gray, this strap is a canvas that takes a backseat and lets whatever watch you are wearing it on do all the talking. Think visiting relatives. Paired here with a thick white cardigan, tan pants, and a T-shirt.   

Black Rubberised Leather (Smooth) Signature

Rubber on a gold dress watch? “Horror of horrors”... I hear you think to yourself!! But hear me out: of all the straps in this guide, this one surprised me the most. I am not entirely sure what kind of sorcery this is, but the rubberized leather simultaneously feels like both materials, and neither at the same time. My brain short-circuited for the first 5 minutes. But then I started wearing it out and about and it stopped mattering. This. Strap. Works. It felt like the synthetic material somehow toughened up the Reverso and gave me the confidence to go out and do things, but the smooth black surfaces kept things classy all along. Think doing the dishes then grabbing a bit with some friends. Paired here with a black long sleeve shirt, dark navy jeans, and a light silver bomber jacket.  

Extra Information

  • Reference: Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Art Deco in Rose Gold (Ref. 270.2.62 / Q2772420)
  • Case Size: 42.3mm x 26.5mm
  • Thickness: 9.6mm
  • Lug-to-Lug: 42.3mm
  • Lug Width: 19mm

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