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Strap Guide: Habring2 Felix

Strap Guide: Habring2 Felix

Strap Guide written by @thegirlwithbirthmarkThank you Pearly Yeo!


Thank you Delugs for once again allowing me to share my strap choices! This time round it is for the Habring2 Felix (Japan edition). I couldn't be more happy to share my choices to the Delugs Community! A little bit of introduction for the Habring2 Felix. This particular model was created only for the Japanese market and exclusively sold via Shellman. There are only 5 examples of this produced. Fun fact, production numbers for this Habring2 Felix are 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6. 

Yup, this is not a careless mistake missing out the number 4 because the Japanese deemed that the number 4 is not auspicious and therefore was skipped. 

Now back to serious business, choosing the straps for the Habring made me feel like a kid in a candy store, oh I’m super spoilt for choices! Having the Habring2 Felix’s aesthetics are so simple, clean yet contemporary, definitely makes it a strap monster and I had definitely the best piece to play around with my strap choices! I did consider some bold strap choices but this time I went with more versatile strap choices. 

This time round, I've chosen these straps to pair with my Habring2 Felix:

  1. Matte Himalayan Alligator Signature 
  2. Serpentine Ostrich Signature
  3. Woodland Forest
  4. Brown Alcantara Signature "Teddy Bear"
  5. Navy Shell Cordovan Slim Strap

My wrist size is approximately 14cm, the strap length S (105/65) fits just nice.

Matte Himalayan Alligator Signature

When this was picked at first, I was indeed a little doubtful of pairing because the white on white might be a tricky combination. To my pleasant surprise, it worked quite well! This white on white combination elevates the whole feel and look of the watch. Makes it very easy to pair with any attire. This strap was also one of my choices for the Ming Kyoto 22.01 strap guide, and that explains how versatile this strap is! 

P.S. I’m even using this strap for my other watches too

Serpentine Ostrich Signature

Grey oh grey, never feeling a day grey with this strap. Definitely can’t go wrong with this pairing. This serpentine ostrich signature strap is another versatile choice from my selection (win-win). It works with almost any watch, ranging from complex dials to a clean and simple dials like this Habring2 Felix. The grey on this strap looks different at different angles and under different lightings, that’s the magic of this strap!

Woodland Forest

For those who know, my favourite colour has to be green (any shades of em’)! And this woodland forest (green) strap, I thought to myself this would be a really voguish choice to match the Habring2! The two tone accent of the strap pairs so well with the watch and it does bring out the watch! The two tone accent was what attracted me from this set of straps selection! Overall, it gives a nice casual yet dressy vibe, that will take me from work to a weekend brunch date! Gotta try it then you will know!

Brown "Teddy Bear" Alcantara Signature

This Brown Alcantara Signature "Teddy Bear" strap has got to be my  favourite pairing for this set of selected straps! The fact that this leather was commonly used to be installed for the interior of luxury cars. Like a good ol’ Cadillac, without a question, this pairing feels luxurious, looks luxurious and screams luxurious.*mic drop*

Navy Shell Cordovan Slim

How do you bring out the full Japanese vibe out of this watch? Pairing leather strap made in Japan from the Shinki Hikaku tannery! This Habring2 Felix has a classic yet contemporary vibe to it and this Navy Shell Cordovan strap's glossy finish further accentuates the contemporary aspects of this timepiece because the bright silverish white dial really pops! The Bonus? The hands match my strap too!

Extra Information

  • Reference: Habring2 Felix
  • Case Size: 38.5mm
  • Thickness: 12mm
  • Lug-to-Lug: 46mm
  • Lug Width: 22mm

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