Grey Curved Rubber CTS Strap

USD 165.00
Available Colours: Grey
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Our CTS Rubber Strap is now made with curved lugs! This is perfect for timepieces with short lugs like FP Journe, Ming, Formex, and modern Rolex models.

Haven't tried our CTS straps before? You're in for a treat! Cut-to-size means that this strap fits your wrist perfectly regardless of size, and it's secured with a leaf-spring deployant clasp that features a mechanism unlike anything you've seen or tried before. Not only is it convenient, it's also extremely fun!

This strap is not only comfortable and durable, it is also truly waterproof and easy to maintain. Whether you're hitting the gym, or dressing up for a night out, this strap has you covered.

Note: This strap comes with curved lugs. Read more about whether you need a curved strap here.

Guide to cutting and wearing the strap.

**Note: As installation of this clasp requires the removal and installation of a non-quick-release spring bar, we would recommend the purchase of a Single Prong Spring Bar tool if you do not already have one.**

  • Strap Style: Cut-to-Size (CTS)
  • Strap Thickness: 4.0 to 3.3mm
  • Clasp Type: CTS Deployant Clasp
  • What's Included

    2 x Rubber strap
    2 x Quick Release Spring Bars - inserted into lug end of each strap
    1 x CTS Deployant Clasp – material / colour varies depending on selection, clasp width varies depending on lug width of strap
    2 x Non-Quick Release Spring Bars – stored in the Plastic Storage Box for CTS Deployant Clasp
    1 x Strap Packaging Insert (2 Slots)
    1 x Plastic Storage Box
    1 x Instruction Card

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Warren (Central, HK)
    Just what I needed

    When I received my Ming 22.01 gilt, I thought the strap that came with it was a bit thin despite the good quality. So I was looking for a more substantial option. A few of the customers here were posting images of their Ming with the curved end strap. They looked good. So I decided to buy this, despite the relatively high price. But it is worth every penny. the strap is easy to size (with detailed instructional video and article), the buckle works great. Now I am thinking about getting a different color so I can change up the look on the fly!

    Stephen (Kuala Lumpur, MY)
    Best rubber strap in the market hands down

    I purchased the curved rubber strap for my MING watch and i am more than happy with it so much so i used this now almost everyday - i notice a lot of discussion about the CTS strap in the forum and whether the strap and buckle is worth the steep price. Well, my verdict is, it is so much so i am now shopping for a second one - let me tell you what works - first the colours works with the watch - it don’t look plastic or unnatural - the colours works with the MING and most watch if you need a subdued, discrete look - secondly the system to trim to your length works well too - it is just a smart intuitive way to do it. But my biggest point is also the buckle - that leaf spring clasp - oh boy this just works so naturally well. I just love this clasps - and it has some adjustment point to lengthen or take in on both ends so you size to your range of wrist condition (hot/cold weather expansion contraction) so it will work well with all conditions. As a rubber for hot summers, this just work so well - the colours can work with your office clothes too (except for those brighter colours which is another story). Buy this for your MING, you will finally realise the 100m rating of your MING with a strap which you can go out like a sporty watch. No regrets, perfectly happy!

    Ryan W. (Indianapolis, US)
    I was wrong

    When these straps were first announced on Insta, I said I didn’t like the look and even mentioned that often the straight end CTS straps didn’t fit my wrist well. Well I stand corrected. The strap fits perfectly and looks amazing paired with a Ming. I even tried on my Rolex Explorer II and love the fit on that as well. Great job Ken and staff. Keep up the amazing work.


    Very good

    마로 김. (Haeundae-gu, KR)
    very good quality

    but cutting is so hard... lol