Dark Brown Minerva Box Signature Strap

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Minerva Box leather comes from Badalassi Carlo tannery from Italy, which also makes many popular leather articles such as Pueblo and Waxy. It has a beautiful naturally pebbled surface texture that comes as a result of the tanning process, giving it a lot of character and depth.

Note: Minerva Box is a naturally tumbled leather and hence has both pebbled and smooth surfaces. The strap that you receive may not be uniformly pebbled or smooth.

This strap has been discontinued and will not be restocked.

  • Strap Style: Signature
  • Thread Colour: 2 - Coffee
  • Strap Thickness: 4.5-2.2mm
  • Buckle Type: Regular, Engraved
  • Buckle Finish & Colour: Brushed Silver
  • What's Included

    1 x Leather Strap (Long End)
    1 x Leather Strap (Short End)
    1 x Regular Brushed Silver Buckle – attached to strap, buckle width varies depending on lug width of strap
    2 x Quick Release Spring Bars - inserted into lug end of each strap
    1 x Strap Packaging Insert (2 Slots)

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Tea p. (Albuquerque, US)
    Almost perfect

    Very high quality construction and supple leather. A point of concern is this strap came with the older spring bars that do not have the double flange if you needed to remove with a tool (like if the quick release post breaks). Other than that, my quibbles are minimal. I would have liked the buckle to be a little more substantial, but it should do the job well enough. Also, I went with the signature strap style because it is the thickest offering, but this is still a rather slim strap. I would have liked it to be a tad thicker to compliment the thicker tool watch aesthetic.

    Greg B. (Chicago, US)
    Beautiful and comfortable

    Delugs makes great quality straps. This padded brown minerva box strap has a great texture that goes great with a matte dial. I opted for a butterfly clasp as well which works nicely and will keep the strap in good condition for years to come. I'm glad I gave them a try since (based on reviews) it is hard to find well finished and functional butterfly clasps that aren't very expensive. They're a bit hit or miss whether they fit just right, based on the lug-to-lug of your watch and the strap material.

    Geordie B. (Clifton, US)

    Nice leather material, but it’s not a hit. First, I thought I sized myself correctly (using the insanely confusing sizing guidance), but I went too big. The band was good for the first wear or two, but afterwards, I feel it stretched a bit and now is way too loose. Second, the additional loop to hold the excess band slides back up against the fixed loop, making it relatively useless. This is a big pain considering I need it to do it’s job. Finally, the return policy here is rough. When I first tried the band, I worried about the length and considered an exchange. That thought was fleeting once I saw how strict the policy was and the fee that would be levied for a creased band. Hopefully, I can recoup some of my cost on eBay. P.S. > Only a 5% discount for a review? That’s pretty weak.

    Aiden (Brooklyn, US)
    Good quality

    Love these straps on my Junghans max bill handwind. Came in perfect condition.

    smoothdrifter (Mountain View, US)
    Awesome strap as always

    This strap is the right shade of deep brown that can dress up a tool watch. As always I keep coming back to delugs for the great quality and customisation options at a great price.