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Strap Guide: Tudor Black Bay Pro

Strap Guide: Tudor Black Bay Pro

Strap Guide written by @averagewatchesThank you Eric Zhang!

Grigio Pueblo Leather Row Stitch

The Black Bay Pro looks really good on the bracelet. The weight of the bracelet also helps balance out the thick and heavy watch head. 

That said, there are a ton of great strap options worth exploring, which is why I reached out to Ken at @delugs about creating a strap guide for this watch.

The first pairing I chose is a pueblo leather row stitch strap in grigio (Italian for grey)

Because of how sporty the BB Pro is, I think it looks best on grittier leather straps with a lot of texture. The grey/green colour is subtle enough to not overwhelm the creamy lume plots and yellow gmt hand.

After wearing this one for a few days, the row stitching has become one of my favourite details on the strap because it adds that air of ruggedness that pairs so well with the Pro.

Whiskey Chromexcel Side Stitch

The first rally watch straps were made in the 1960s and were designed to be worn by racing drivers and navigators. They were from leather and featured large perforations that allowed air to circulate around the wrist, keeping the wearer cool and comfortable during long races.

Horween leather, being resistant to water, sweat, and scratches, is ideal for use in rally straps.

While the Black Bay Pro is not a chronograph, and isn’t associated with racing in any way, I still think the vintage inspired design works so well aesthetically with a side stitch rally strap that I couldn’t resist trying this combination out!

Elastic Loop Green/Yellow

When planning out this strap guide, I wanted to have at least one more casual option.

I liken the elastic loops that @delugs produces to a paratrooper elastic strap without the hardware. Simple, effective and comfortable.

It doesn’t add any more thickness to the watch the way a nato does. Let’s be real, the Pro is thick enough!

They come in a ton of different colours though this army green one with the yellow strap is my favourite for the Black Bay Pro because it adds a bit of military flair.

Dark Brown Saffiano Stitchless

When you think saffiano leather, the word tough doesn’t usually come to mind. The types of watches you usually see with saffiano straps are dressy and slim.

But hear me out…

The way saffiano leather is finished actually provides great durability and resistance to scratches and scuffs. It also does not crumple and stain with the slightest bit of water. There’s a reason why its a popular material for handbags and luggage: it can take a beating while still looking good.

All of that makes it a solid choice for sports watches if you ask me!

Navy CTS Rubber

The CTS straps from @delugs are made from high quality FMK rubber and has a dust-resistant finish.  The high level of customizability as far as sizing goes, as well as the simplicity of the sizing process really makes this one quite a comfortable option.  

I would say that the simple style of it fits better with less sporty models, and surprisingly, even some dress watches, but the more colourful options like the blue here are definitely fun enough to pair with the Black Bay Pro

Extra Information

  • Reference: Tudor Black Bay Pro
  • Case Size: 39mm
  • Thickness: 15mm
  • Lug-to-Lug: 47mm
  • Lug Width: 20mm

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