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    Strap Guide: Tudor Black Bay Pro

    • 2 min read

    Strap Guide written by @faceless_watchesThank you Stephane Baut!


    The BB Pro is the first Tudor of my collection, and what a piece to start with the Tudor brand.
    I was afraid the thickness of the watch would be a dealbreaker since every media was talking about it negatively. But once on the wrist, this detail doesn’t even matter. I was lucky to get it very shortly after the release and I am enjoying it a lot ever since. Its design is somehow very unique (some would say “inspired”) making it a go-to watch in my collection that is rather oriented towards diver watches. The steel bracelet with the micro adjustment clasp allows a perfect fit but I like to have options with straps. Let’s see some combos!


    Black Epsom Slim

    I like how the cream thread is matching the indexes and hands.  Plus the black color and texture add a nice dressy touch to the watch.

    Sand Alcantara Signature

    It’s not my first try with Alcantara and I love how soft it feels when I touch it. You might surprise yourself by caressing your watch. Be careful not to do it in public!

    Whiskey Chromexcel Rally Side-Stitch

    When I see this kind of strap it reminds me of vintage rally gloves. A nice way to add some sportiness to the BB Pro. Just missing a Mercedes Pagoda to pair with it!

    Yellow Waxy Slim

    If it isn’t a perfect match with the GMT hand I don’t know what is! The BB Pro feels like a vintage watch on this strap.

    Dark Brown Minerva Signature

    There’s an old rule about not pairing black and brown together in an outfit. I have to disagree when I look at this Dark Brown Minerva strap on the BB Pro. You can pair black and brown on a watch and it works perfectly.

    Extra Information

    • Reference: Tudor Black Bay Pro
    • Case Size: 39mm
    • Thickness: 15mm
    • Lug-to-Lug: 47mm
    • Lug Width: 20mm

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