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    This L'Atelier collection strap uses the same leather and style that you have come to love from Delugs, but brings a unique twist through the introduction of two-tone accents in the stitching, edge paint, keepers and lining leather. 

    Compared to a typical Delugs strap, straps from the L'Atelier collection also feature a finer stitching for a more refined look.(For the leathercrafters out there, these straps have a 2.25mm stitching distance / 12 SPI, compared to 2.7mm / 10 SPI in our regular straps.)

    • Strap Style:Slim
    • Top Leather:Hunter Green Epsom
    • Lining:Tan Zermatt
    • Keepers:Cream Epsom
    • Thread Colour:6 - Cream
    • Edge Paint:Matching Thread Colour
    • Strap Thickness:2.2mm
    • Buckle Type:Regular, Engraved
    • Buckle Finish & Colour:Brushed Silver

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    Li W.H. (Taipei, TW)

    Woodland Forest Strap