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These Elastic Loops are meant as a fun strap option that won't break the bank. We've always wanted straps made of this elastic nylon material, just because of how soft, stretchy, breathable and comfortable they are. But most of them on the market are made in the MN style - with that big chunky hardware that provides for greater adjustability at the expense of bulk. Instead of making those exact same straps that's already on the market, we wanted to make something a little bit different.

These straps are made in a fixed length with no adjustability (except for the stretch of the elastic). While that does make sizing a little tricky, it also means that the strap has zero hardware. Once you get the right size, these straps are extremely comfortable and you won't even notice that you have it on the wrist. Find out what size you should get.

If you haven't tried these elastic nylon straps before, you really should! It weighs close to nothing, yet provides a very snug fit with its highly elastic material. Highly breathable for all day and all condition comfort. Comes in a wide range of colour that allows you to get creative and try out some fun combos.

Note: Our Elastic Loops come with quick release spring bar for easy installation.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
JCMB (Orlando, US)
Best strap

Perfect fitting. Super comfortable

Talal (Kuwait City, KW)

Made my watch looks more beautiful , perfect material 👌🏻

DAVID (Bellevue, US)
Well done!

Wanted to replace the stock strap on my MoonSwatch, so bought a couple of these to try out. Their sizing guide is great and I would have been fine simply purchasing the size it recommended alone. Nevertheless the fit is just a tad loose, so nice the MoonSwatch is so lightweight. Overall quite happy!

KUMA (Minato-ku, JP)
Very comfortable belt !!

The tension of the rubber band, which was hard to stretch, made the belt feel more like wearing a fine cashmere cardigan than wearing a watch.

Anonymous (Bangkok, TH)
Excellent for Daytona

Decided to try the white elastic strap on my Daytona for a day, swapped back to Oyster bracelet for 10 minutes, then immediately swapped back.

Incredibly comfortable and very easy to install. Would certainly buy more in other colors.