Elastic Loop Light Blue/White

USD 25.00
Available Colours: Light Blue/White
Lug Width (Lug-Buckle)
Size (Long End/Short End)

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These Elastic Loops are meant as a fun strap option that won't break the bank. We've always wanted straps made of this elastic nylon material, just because of how soft, stretchy, breathable and comfortable they are. But most of them on the market are made in the MN style - with that big chunky hardware that provides for greater adjustability at the expense of bulk. Instead of making those exact same straps that's already on the market, we wanted to make something a little bit different.

These straps are made in a fixed length with no adjustability (except for the stretch of the elastic). While that does make sizing a little tricky, it also means that the strap has zero hardware. Once you get the right size, these straps are extremely comfortable and you won't even notice that you have it on the wrist. Find out what size you should get.

If you haven't tried these elastic nylon straps before, you really should! It weighs close to nothing, yet provides a very snug fit with its highly elastic material. Highly breathable for all day and all condition comfort. Comes in a wide range of colour that allows you to get creative and try out some fun combos.

  • Elastic Loop Thickness: 1.7mm
  • Note: Our Elastic Loops come with quick release spring bar for easy installation.

    What's Included

    1 x Elastic Loop
    2 x Quick Release Spring Bars - inserted into lug end of each strap
    1 x Strap Packaging Insert (1 Strap)

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Daniel O. (Los Angeles, US)
    Great strap

    Comfortable, too.

    Based on my watches, 140mm is the perfect size for a 17 cm/6.75 in wrist, for watches with a lug-to-lug between 45-49 mm. 130mm is usable but can feel a little tight. For a lug-to-lug of 52mm, 140mm starts to feel a little too loose.

    David L. (Chicago, US)
    Perfect for my Moonswatch!

    I just put it on my Uranus Moonswatch and the colour is just perfect! The OG strap was so bulky and uncomfortable. Putting this strap on made it so comfortable that it’s unnoticeable on the wrist. I didn’t realise but it has quick release function, making it easy to change straps around. Shipping fee was a bit steep, but it was quick. I would definitely order another one in another colour in the future. I can tell that the product is high quality like other Delugs products.

    Darren W. (Vancouver, CA)
    Nice, lightweight straps, but tight. Get the next size up.

    Fit is very subjective, so finding the right size with a one-piece elastic strap is more difficult than traditional straps. I followed the instructions on how to measure for the appropriate strap length for my watch. I came in at 128mm and rounded up to 130mm, which is what I ordered. But the elasticity in these straps are quite strong, and when I did slip it over my hand (which is very tight) and onto the wrist I found it to be too tight. I needed another 10mm in length for it to truly fit comfortably. I purchased 3 of these straps in one order. Add $60 for shipping and duty fees and this turns into an expensive experiment. If you like your straps super snug then go with their suggested formula to determine strap length. For a more comfortable fit, I would recommend adding 10mm to your final calculation.

    Rico (Mandaluyong City, PH)

    Elastic Loop Light Blue/White

    Luca (Geneva, CH)
    Great straps !

    So comfy you don’t even feel them. Little bit trick to get the perfect size, but overall amazing product.