Strap Length Guide

Basic Sizing Guide

There are two sides per strap, which we refer to as the long end and the short end, which are represented by C and D respectively in the diagram below.

Our handcrafted leather straps come in 3 different lengths.

  1. Small (C: 105mm, D: 65mm)
  2. Medium (C: 115mm, D: 70mm)
  3. Large (C: 125mm, D: 75mm)

A quick way to decide on the length to get is based on your wrist size. Here is the general recommendation (if you are between sizes, we recommend to size up):

  • Wrist size of 14.5cm - 17.0cm: Small
  • Wrist size of 16.5cm - 19.0cm : Medium
  • Wrist size of 18.5cm - 21.0cm: Large

If you need a strap that is shorter than Small (105/65), or longer than Large (125/75), you can always have the strap custom made.

Size Chart


Measurements Description S M L
A Lug width Varies by lug width
(see product listing)
B Buckle width
C Long strap length 105mm 115mm 125mm
D Short strap length 65mm 70mm 75mm
E Distance to middle hole 63mm 71mm 81mm
F Distance between holes 6mm
G Size of holes 1.8mm
Number of Strap Holes 7 7 7


Advanced Sizing Guide

We are now running a trial on split size ordering. This is only recommended if you are more experienced with how leather straps wear on your wrist, and you know the specific length of straps that you require on both the long and short end.

For example, you might currently have a Medium size strap on your watch (115mm and 70mm), and you notice that the buckle sits in the middle of the wrist, but the long end of the strap is too long and can be seen when the watch is on your wrist. In such a situation, you may need a long end that's shorter than 115mm, but the buckle end of the strap should remain unchanged at 70mm. In this case, you might want to order 105mm/70mm instead of the standard 115mm/70mm.

If you are unsure what length you require for each side of the strap, we recommend sticking with the three standard sizes, Small, Medium and Large. 


Hope this quick guide helps! Finding the perfect length to get can be a little bit more complicated, as it also depends on the lug-to-lug distance of your watch, and even the shape of your wrist. For a more detailed guide on sizing, please check out this page. 


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