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A Trial on Split Size Ordering

A Trial on Split Size Ordering

Today we're starting a trial on split size ordering with the Alligator Flank collection, and moving one step closer towards providing an exceptional shopping experience with Delugs.

What is split size ordering?

In a nutshell, we're now allowing you to pick the length of the two sides of the strap when placing your order. For example, instead of being restricted to Small (105mm and 65mm), Medium (115mm and 70mm), and Large (125mm and 75mm) for the lengths, you can now also select a mixture of lengths, such as 105mm/75mm, or 125/65mm.

Why would I want this?

Allowing you to select a mix of sizes for the straps means that you can now get a strap that fits your wrist even better, without having to place a custom order. While Small, Medium and Large do still work for most people, if you are particular about how and where exactly the strap and buckle sits on your wrist, you may want a different length for either sides of the strap.

Why is this just a trial?

This gets a little technical, but split size ordering is complicated for two reasons. (In fact, two years ago we wrote a whole blog post about why we do not allow this.)

Firstly, allowing split size ordering requires us to fundamentally change how we organise and track our inventory of straps, and we're essentially doubling the number of SKUs and hence doubling the complexity of our operations.

Secondly, we have to re-code our website to facilitate customers placing an order for split sizes, while not making the ordering process too complicated. As most customers would still be best served by ordering the three standard sizes, we do not wish to overwhelm everyone with split size ordering.

We're running this trial to see how much demand there is for split size ordering, and how much additional load we're taking on internally to achieve this. If the response is positive, we will consider rolling this out to our entire product line.

Why is this a significant development?

Our goal is to provide the best shopping experience, and to allow you to get straps that are perfectly fitted to you. For many of our repeat and/or experienced customers, who may know the exact length of strap that you need, there's limited options to purchase straps that fit your wrist perfectly. More often than not, you would have to place a custom order.

With our trial on split size ordering, it would be the first time (as far as we know) where any strap company is allowing customers to order the sizes for the long and short end of the ready stock strap separately. We hope that this move will generate more conversations and discussions around strap sizing!

Could I order other straps in mixed sizes too?

At the moment, split size ordering is only restricted to the alligator flank collection that was just launched. After the trial ends, we will look into the numbers and feedback received to decide if we will extend this option to the rest of our collection.

If you would like to order other straps in mixed sizes immediately, unfortunately we only have the custom strap program at the moment. We hope to seek your understanding!


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