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Ordering Mismatched Length Ready Stock Straps: Why Not?

Ordering Mismatched Length Ready Stock Straps: Why Not?

Here at Delugs, we try to keep in stock a variety of strap lengths to cater to the different wrist sizes of collectors. Today, there are three main lengths that we offer: Small (105mm and 65mm), Medium (115mm and 70mm), and Large (125mm and 75mm). These lengths should fit a large majority of wrist sizes, and if you wanted to get a different length, there's always the option of ordering a custom strap.

However, ordering a custom strap is just slightly more costly, and also comes with a longer waiting time. Some customers might prefer to get a mix of strap lengths from the ready stock straps that we have on offer, such as 105mm (long strap in Small size) and 75mm (short strap in Large size), and have these straps sent out immediately as a ready stock strap. This might be because they wish to get a slightly better strap fit, for example, to have the buckle sit on the middle of the wrist, instead of just slightly to the sides.

Unfortunately, we currently do not allow customers to order mismatched lengths of ready stock straps. Here's why.

Our inventory system tracks straps by their pairs. For example, for a particular strap, we might have 3 pairs of Small size, 2 pairs of Medium size, and 4 pairs of Large size. If we were to allow the sale of mixed lengths, for every single pair of mixed length strap, we are actually reducing 2 pairs of straps in our inventory. For example, sticking with the example of purchasing a mismatched length of 105mm/75mm, that would mean reducing 1 pair of Small, and 1 pair of Large. We would also need a way to keep track of all the mismatched pairs, and restock them in the correct sizes and quantity, which is not a trivial task considering the total number of straps that we offer.

[But you are only sending out one pair of strap, so couldn't you just add a new size for the remaining mismatched strap, and pair them together? For example, selling the 125mm/65mm strap as a new pair. Alternatively, rather than tracking by the three sizes of S, M and L, why not track by the individual strap lengths (125, 115, 105, 75, 70, 65 etc?)]

Technically, yes we could. But this would be very confusing for both our team, and for the customer, to keep track of so many different lengths of straps. While some customer might prefer having many options to choose from, other customers would rather have a more simplified ordering system, and do not mind the slight difference in strap length and position.

As a small business, we do not have the luxury of scale, to allow us to stock up hundreds of straps per size, such that things never go out of stock, or have a large enough team to maintain such a complicated inventory system. Allowing the ordering of mismatched lengths would mean that straps will run out of stock faster than it should, and deprive other customers of the chance from purchasing a pair of strap that may fit them well.

While our current approach, where you can only order 3 combinations of lengths in ready stock, and custom order for any other length combinations, might not be satisfactory to every single customer out there, it is what we deem to be the most logical step for us to take at this point. If there are enough customers who ask to purchase mixed length straps from our ready stock, we will consider changing our policy on this, and implementing a new inventory system to facilitate the sales.

We hope to seek your respect and understanding on our policy, and thank you for your feedback!


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