Swatch x Omega Watches

New Strap, New Look!

While the Swatch x Omega collection has attracted immense popularity and interest since its launch in 2022, there's one aspect of the watch that leaves much to be desire, and that is the strap. Thankfully, with a lug width of 20mm, there is no shortage of strap options available for these watches. Here are some of our recommended straps to pair with each of the Swatch x Omega watches.

Note: These straps were developed independently by Delugs and is not endorsed by Swatch or Omega.












A Perfect Match for the Swatch x Omega Watches

The Delcro

The Delcro is the strap that should have come stock on the Swatch x Omega watches. Infinitely more comfortable, colour-toned to match the different watches, with a universal length that fits all wrist.

If you own one of these watches, this is the real velcro strap that you'll want to get!

Learn about the Delcro

No hardware, no fuss

Elastic Loops

A key aspect of what makes the Elastic Loop so lightweight and comfortable is the lack of hardware on these straps. However, this also means that there is zero adjustability on the Elastic Loops.

In order to get the most comfort out of the Elastic Loops, we recommend that you take some time to read our sizing guide and determine the best length for your wrist.

Read the Elastic Loop Size Guide

Discover the Collections

We recommend these strap collections to pair with your Swatch x Omega watches. See the full range here.