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    What's an Overstock Sale, you may ask. It's a collection of products that, for various reasons, we are not selling at full retail price. These are either (1) custom straps that were made either with incorrect specifications or were no longer wanted, (2) products with minor cosmetic defects or have been lightly worn, or (3) products that we are discontinuing from our regular line-up.

    The Overstock Collection is a great way to pick up our products at a discounted price. It's also a great place to find straps that was part of a limited production run. Whether you're a new or existing customer of Delugs, you'll likely find something interesting from the Overstock collection. Happy hunting!

    Tips and Best Practices

    It can be a little overwhelming trying to sort through all of the products available in the Overstock Collection, especially since not all sizes are available for all types of straps, and there's limited availability.

    Here's are some tips to get the most out of the sales:

    1. If you're shopping for regular straps, first determine the lug width and size that you need. Then head over to this page and filter by the lug width and size to see what is available.
    2. If you're looking for watch-specific straps (Cartier Santos, VC Overseas, Tissot PRX), click here.
    3. If you're shopping for watch cases and accessories, you can check out what is available here.
    4. If you would like to all products available at once, click here.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Most products are new. Some products might have been lightly used, or there may be new products that have some cosmetic defects, such as marks on the leather.

    Nonetheless, all of the products are 100% functional.

    Unfortunately we are unable to provide actual photos of the exact product that was purchased.

    For one-off custom straps, the listed photos are of the actual strap that will be sent out.

    Sales on Overstock items are final, and there will be no returns, refunds or exchanges.

    If the leather / material is still available as part of our Custom Strap Program, then yes it can be custom made. However, if the material has been discontinued, we will not be able to take custom orders for it.

    If you're unsure, you may email us at support@delugs.com and our team will be able to guide you along!