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    Rubber straps have always held the promise of a beautiful, weather-resistant watch strap option. To date, such options have been plagued by excessive size on tang buckles, extravagant textures that don't necessarily complement, and worst of all -- exclusivity.

    Not anymore. We're proud to announce that we're launching our own line of cut-to-size rubber straps, paired with an all new deployant clasp.

    The Strap

    Our CTS straps are made with the same high-quality FKM (fluoroelastomer) rubber used on our Tissot PRX rubber straps. Flexible and durable, these straps end the search for a true waterproof design that doesn’t lose any points in the style section.

    Comprising a main body and trimmable segments, each strap's length can be adjusted by cutting these segments as needed.

    Quick-release spring bars have also been integrated into these straps for the smooth strap changes that you’ve come to expect and love.

    These versatile straps will come in a matte finish, in 7 colours: Black, Navy, White, Olive Green, Dark Grey, Orange, and Baby Blue.

    The Clasp

    We've also developed a brand new deployant clasp to match the sleek rubber. These are operable via a leaf spring mechanism which flips open and shut with satisfying tactile snap. Most importantly, the tailoring of the strap length means that there will be no overhang/excess tail, and no keepers in sight. What results is a clean, bulkless strap surface all around your wrist. 

    These clasps will also come in a choice of Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, and Black.

    These two will combine to form a classy, comfortable fit designed to last through any, and we mean any, adventure you’re taking your timepieces through.

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