Cut-To-Size Straps for Tudor Black Bay 58

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Tudor Black Bay 58 Straps

Putting on the BB58 CTS

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use this on other Black Bays or other Tudors?

As this product has been developed to integrate seamlessly into the Black Bay 58, it will not be able to fit into the other watches of the Black Bay series.

In our development phase, we have noted however that this strap is also suitable for the 2022 Tudor Ranger. Stay tuned by following our Instagram for products matching other watches from Tudor.

Can I use this on the Gold and Silver Black Bay 58?

Yes the straps will fit seamlessly for a perfect fit still, only difference is that due to the nature of the slightly thicker case (thanks to the open case back), you might have to use slightly more strength to insert it into place.

How do I use the Cut-to-Size (”CTS”) feature?

Please refer to our guide here for a pictorial and video guide on how to perfectly tailor your strap to your wrist! Other questions related to the CTS feature are also answered here.

How does this strap affect the overall feel, comfort, and look of the watch on the wrist?

As with all our FKM rubber releases, we are confident (and customers have testified!) that the FKM rubber feels comfortable even on prolonged wear. We have also taken pains to engineer the strap such that the strap seamlessly follows the curve of the watch and your wrist. Nevertheless, pictures speak a thousand words; do head down to our BB58 Launch Page for additional photos and videos!

Can I place a custom order using the same rubber on this strap?

No, FKM rubber straps are not available for custom order as these straps are made via injection moulding, which require the use of specialised moulds

How do I care for this strap?

As the FKM rubber is chemically stable and highly resistant to the elements, running it under water and cleaning with a lint-free cloth should do the trick.

Can I really use this strap around water?

Yes! In alignment with the original intent and purpose of dive watches like the Black Bay 58, this strap can definitely be used in and around water. Reasonable care should however be taken to keep both the watch and the strap away from prolonged exposure to dirt, abrasive particles, and chemically unfriendly elements, as with all our beloved timepieces.

Do you have a version with a metal endlink?

No, this version of the strap is designed to offer an integrated fit with the existing watch case, and does not feature a metal end link. Please contact us if you would prefer to see such versions, we will be excited to discuss this with you!

Will there be any other colours released?

Currently, there are no plans for other colours to be released for this series. Though we have curated the existing set of colours, please feel free to let us know what other colours you would like to see by writing to us.

Does using this strap affect the resale value of my watch?

No, this strap does not require any modification of the watch, nor will it leave any wear on your watch, and we do not foresee circumstances in regular use that will affect the value of the watch apart from elevating it!

Is Delugs affiliated with Tudor?

No, Delugs is an independent company and offers products that work in concert with, but in a non-official capacity to Tudor watches, among others.