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Strap Guide: Tudor Black Bay 58

Strap Guide: Tudor Black Bay 58

Strap Guide written by @chen_alexanderThank you Alexander!


The Tudor Black Bay 58 is one of the most beloved watches in the community today. From the 39mm case size to its beautifully balanced dial, this vintage-inspired modern diver is ready for any occasion. What makes the versatile watch even better is its capabilities to look good on and off its steel bracelet. Here are five examples that strap a new look onto the timepiece.

Cream Epsom Slim Strap

We’re currently heading into summer and there’s nothing like neutrals to convey the perfect summer look. The Cream Epsom Slim Strap plays off the faux patina and gilt accents on the dial. Pairing a leather strap like this with a diver watch always adds to a beautiful juxtaposition of sport and elegance. The sportiness of the watch really dresses down the epsom strap, and the texture of the leather is really brought out, as if mimicking a weaved texture of a flowing linen shirt. Beat the heat with this creamy leather option.

Black Waxed Canvas Slim Strap

Contrasting the elegance is ruggedness and contrasting form is function. The Black Waxed Canvas Slim Strap is very functional and while not exactly elegant, I have to say it looks fantastic on the Black Bay 58. When this is strapped on, there is simply an air of adventure in the atmosphere. This is the closest strap in function to the bracelet, yet it couldn’t look any more different. Really blacking out the entirety of the watch, the canvas is subtle but still interesting with its fabric texture yet staying out of the way to really allow the colors on the dial to pop. Don’t worry about getting this strap wet, the rubber underside is on your side when getting splashed this summer.

Blue Jean Ostrich Signature Strap

Why not add in some color? The Blue Jean Ostrich Signature Strap proves you can be a bit flashy and still remain classy. A contrasting blue ostrich strap clashes against the dial in a very complimentary way. The gilt details is a darker yellow and the red triangle at 12 o’clock is a deep red. Likewise, the blue jean strap is a deeply saturated but darker blue that matches the tones of the dial perfectly, completely the trifecta of the primary colors. The ostrich leather is a classy take on traditional formal leathers and its glossy finish gives the strap that much more of a suit and tie look. Don’t let that stop you though from wearing this combination with, well, your favorite pair of blue jeans. The strap will age as well as selvedge denim, eventually really evoking the vintage vibes that the watch was inspired by.

Dark Grey Mud Slim Strap

The Dark Grey Mud Slim Strap: the happy medium in all of this. Want something versatile that doesn’t clash with the rest of the watch? Want something that is leather but not too dressy? Want something that looks a bit rugged but not too casual? But you don’t want any boring old strap? Well the dark grey mud slim strap has you covered. This strap just works in every box. The dark grey melts so easily into the background and really merges itself with the watch so unobtrusively. The white stitching along the sides of the strap brightens the strap itself, paralleling what the bright stainless steel does for the black dial and bezel. The textures on the strap are subtle but definitely present, pairing really well with the vintage inspiration of the watch as well as keeping things interesting. This is a leather that you can wear in any occasion and wow does it look good with this versatile watch.

Nubuck Black Ostrich Signature Strap

Last but not least we have the Nubuck Black Ostrich Signature Strap. This is probably my favorite of the bunch. We take the interesting leather patterns of the ostrich strap and you combine it with the versatility of the dark grey mud slim strap. Unlike the blue jean, this is a matte finish with almost a soft-like touch thanks to the nubuck. I love how the textures and patterns of the ostrich leather is almost more pronounced. The black lines around the strap pairs quite nicely with the black features of the watch while the overall grey coloring of the strap brings the whole package to life in a subtle way. The loud strap doesn’t clash with the dial at all and in fact while the whole combination is a lot busier it is a very cohesive busyness. This is the perfect strap for the person who wants some more flash while staying quite monochromatic.

Extra Information

  • Reference: Tudor Black Bay 58
  • Case Size: 39mm
  • Thickness: 11.9mm
  • Lug-to-Lug: 47mm
  • Lug Width: 20mm

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