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Strap Guide: Rolex Explorer II 16750 'Polar'

Strap Guide: Rolex Explorer II 16750 'Polar'

Strap Guide written by @jdub_photohub


In the relatively short span of time that I’ve been drawn in by the collecting fervor, there’s a short list of watches that resonate with me on a deeper level, deeply intertwining the purpose of a luxury watch to serve both function and form.  In my opinion, one that does this perfectly is the Rolex Explorer II 16570, in its iconic ‘Polar’ dial variant.

With the ever growing enthusiast population, the term ‘strap monster’ has grown ubiquitous, but I really believe the term holds true with the Explorer II. Narrowing my pick to 5 of my favorite Delugs straps was really tough, but I have chosen 5 of my favorites that I believe showcase the versatility of the Polar Explorer II. For reference, my wrist is 17.15cm / 6.75” and the straps I picked are all 20mm wide -16 taper / Small (105/65).  I prefer a short tail going into the keeper, that way I don’t see the end of it peeking out the other side.

Hunter Green Epsom Slim Strap

The color of hunter green was decidedly my favorite of the bunch just because of how easy the deep hue of green is able to mix with any outfit. To me, this shade of green is exactly what you would imagine while trudging through a forest, a perfect splash of color yet true to the Explorer namesake. There’s nearly zero break-in period needed for the Epsom slims, so get ready for instant gratification!

Turquoise Chevre Slim Strap

This selection surprised me the most. While I knew this color would make the Polar pop on the wrist, I wasn’t prepared for how wearable it would be even though it’s not summer yet. There’s a high chance this strap stays on the watch from Spring through Summer. The Chevre strap feels extremely comfortable and the pebbled texture really sings.

Matte Purple Alligator Signature Strap

Alligator is an unusual choice for what was designed to be a “spelunking” watch, but the matte purple just gives it the right amount of attitude. Again, with the playful nature between the white dial and the eggplant colored alligator skin it somehow seems right at home. Whether you’re poolside with shorts and t-shirt, or in the office wearing business casual this combination gets my nod of approval.

Maroon Crazy Horse Side-Stitch Strap

A vintage inspired side stitch always looks at home on a steel, sports watch and the Explorer II is no exception. The strap’s ‘maroon’ actually matches very closely to the painted 24H hand, giving it just the right touch of color coordination. The smooth exterior of the Crazy Horse leather is certainly going to patina well and will give a highly personalized wear over time that will only add to the vintage charm.

Navy Epsom Slim Strap

The Epsom is one of the most universal styles, but certainly doesn’t make it boring. The tri-color combo of the Navy strap, white Polar dial, and red 24H hand inspires some patriotic vibes for any country whose flag takes on those colors. The white contrast stitching against the Navy blue leather pairs really well and is able to dress up or down depending on the occasion.

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