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New Adapters for the Santos de Cartier

New Adapters for the Santos de Cartier

You may have heard that we're stopping sales of our Santos de Cartier straps soon. But that doesn't mean we're no longer putting in the effort for those of you who have continued to place your trust in us, up to the last moment we can. 

We've been testing modifications to the adapters to improve the strap and are now ready to craft our straps with the next iteration of adapters. 



Straps made with the new adapter will be constructed by folding over the exterior material, giving it additional grip over and around the adapter. This will grant greater longevity to your strap, and ensure that your watch and strap will look great in time to come. 

Do note that this new system may not accommodate certain stiffer leathers; primarily stingray and glossy alligator skins. We will continue to test and update you. 

We understand that this new development has delayed our fulfilment of custom straps, and we sincerely apologise for any inconvenience that this may have caused. However, we are confident that the improved adapter will provide a better experience, and sincerely seek your patience and understanding in having to wait just a little while longer for your custom Santos straps. 

Thank you for choosing Delugs and we hope to get your straps to you soon! 


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