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Cartier Santos de Cartier: More Strap Options Available!

Cartier Santos de Cartier: More Strap Options Available!

Update (16 Dec 22): We will not longer be selling Cartier Santos de Cartier straps from 16 Dec 22 onwards, due to issues NOT relating to the quality of the strap or adapter (i.e. existing owners of the Delugs Santos de Cartier straps don't have to be concerned about the quality of the strap, they are still safe to use on the Santos de Cartier watch). We will share more information about why we are no longer able to sell these straps in due time. Thank you for your understanding!

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Much has been said about the Cartier Santos (de Cartier) that was redesigned and released in 2018. If you don't know about this watch, a simple Google search will show you just how popular it is. It is an iconic design with a lot of heritage, beautiful mixture of brushed and polished texture with fine details like the bevelled case, priced decently and extremely versatile with the new QuickSwitch strap system that allows you to easily swap between bracelets and leather strap.

Available in a few different colour combinations and metal finishing, with 3 different case size (medium, large, extra large) means that this watch can fit into a wide range of collection and different tastes. To me, the Cartier Santos could genuinely be a one-watch solution, and it's no wonder that the Cartier Santos is one of Cartier's top sellers. 

Note: If you are looking for straps for the Cartier Santos-Dumont that was released in 2019, please see here.

Cartier Santos de Cartier Straps by Delugs

Despite the brilliance of the proprietary QuickSwitch system, it also meant that there is a lack of 3rd party strap options available, and you are stuck with the range of leather options that Cartier offers and the steep price point. 

As a fellow owner and fan of the Cartier Santos, trying to make straps for this watch was high on our priority list. However, trying to have the adapters made wasn't easy, especially since it wasn't just a fixed insert, but had moving parts within. After a few rounds of R&D, prototypes, and tests (to make sure that it fits the watch perfectly and there was no chance of the adapter being too loose, or worse, stuck onto the watch), we finally managed to get the right adapters made, and can now offer Cartier Santos straps, using the wide range of materials that we have available.

The Integrated Strap

These straps are entirely handcrafted (read about the crafting process here) by our leather artisan, and you can choose from the wide range of leather that we have on offer. Construction of this strap is a little trickier compared to a regular custom strap, due to the need to be very precise when working around the adapters. Like the OEM straps, these straps are made with a uniform thickness of 2.5mm. As with all Delugs strap, these straps will be handcrafted by our team of leather artisan, and you can be sure that the Cartier Santos de Cartier straps by Delugs will be made to the same high standards that we hold for all our straps.

We are able to make integrated straps for the two sizes of Santos on the market - Medium and Large. At the moment, we do not make straps for the Extra Large (Chronograph models). The following are the reference numbers of the models and their corresponding sizes that the integrated straps will fit.

  • Medium (Case Size: 35.1mm): WSSA0029, W2SA0016, W4SA0005, W4SA0006, W3SA0007, WGSA0028, WGSA0030, WGSA0031, WJSA0008, WJSA0010, WJSA0012, WJSA0013, WJSA0014.
  • Large (Case Size: 39.8mm): WSSA0013, WSSA0018, WSSA0030, WSSA0037, WSSA0039, W2SA0009, WGSA0019, WGSA0029, WHSA0009, WHSA0012, WHSA0015, WHSA0018.
  • Extra Large (Case Size: 43.3mm): Do not currently make straps for Extra Large size.

With so many different strap options and pairing possible, we wanted to allow the community to really go wild, and decided to release the straps for custom order, rather than having the straps in stock but limited to a much smaller range of curated straps. Subsequently, if there are any straps that prove to be more popular than the rest, we could also consider having them in stock.

If you would like to place your order for a Cartier Santos de Cartier strap, please head over to this page.

Strap Recommendations

So many options - what should I choose? What would look good on my watch? Help!!

While we do have many leather and colour options to cater to the wide range of preferences on the market, it might get a little overwhelming, especially if you are new to Delugs. Here's my attempt to recommend a strap to you. I say attempt, because I am recommending a strap without knowing anything about the ideal strap that you are looking for. I hope to provide a starting point for you to narrow your search. 

Learn more about the leather we use to understand what makes each of them unique and different.

  • "Can't Go Wrong": Light Grey Nubuck, Matte Navy Alligator, Whiskey Chromexcel, Black Saffiano, Navy Saffiano, Grey Barenia, Serpentine Ostrich
    • These are our most popular straps that pair well with almost any watch and outfit. You can't go wrong if you pick any of these straps!
  • Low Maintenance / Active Lifestyle: Black Saffiano, Navy Saffiano, Taupe Saffiano, Taupe Epsom, Light Grey Epsom
    • These leather are more scratch and water-resistant
    • Opt for rubber lining instead of the standard Zermatt lining - that will make the strap more water resistant and can take a splashing.
  • Formal: Matte Navy Alligator, Matte Black Alligator, Navy Saffiano, Black Saffiano, Navy Shell Cordovan
    • We typically recommend Alligator / Crocodile for the most formal look, followed by Saffiano and Shell Cordovan.
    • Opt for tone-on-tone stitch colour instead of contrasting stitch colour
  • Casual: Light Grey Nubuck, Natural Nubuck, Dark Grey Alcantara, Whiskey Chromexcel, Taupe Epsom, Tan Crazy Horse, Chestnut Buttero, Jean Grey Babele, Whiskey Waxy, Grigio Minerva Box, Blue Waxed Canvas, Grey Waxed Canvas, Nubuck Kango Tabac Ostrich
    • Tons of options available here, but in general I would recommend the safer colours (grey, navy, brown) but try out different textures.
  • Fun: Tiffany Blue Chevre, Colibri Chevre, White Chevre, Red Chevre, Orange Saffiano, Matte Astral Blue Alligator, Pastel Blue Nubuck, Nubuck Denim Ostrich
    • We always recommend Orange, Tiffany Blue, Light Blue, White for some really fun strap options that will bring a lot of attention to your wrist.
  • Colours to Match Steel Blued Hands: Matte Navy Alligator, Navy Saffiano, Navy Minerva Box, Navy Nubuck, Navy Shell Cordovan, Navy Chevre, Blue Jean Ostrich, Navy Waxed Canvas
    • These are the closest options if you are hoping to match the leather to the steel-blued hands of the Santos. 

The Specifications

The straps will be made according to the following specifications:

  • Leather & Colour: Depends on selection
  • Buckle Style: Choose between Delugs Regular Buckle, OEM Cartier Clasp (New), OEM Cartier Double Fold Clasp (Old), or Delugs Deployant Clasp. [Please note that if you opt to use the OEM Cartier Clasp, the strap will not come with the OEM Cartier Clasp - you will have to use the original clasp.]
  • Lug-Buckle Width: 19-16 for Medium, 21-18 for Large
  • Strap Length: Depends on selection
  • Thread Colour: Tone-on-tone, Cream, or Others
  • Advanced Specifications: Lining Leather, Strap Holes, Accent Side-Stitch, Edge Paint Colour

Buckle / Clasp Choices

While the choice of buckle or clasp is entirely up to your personal preference, how we construct the strap will differ depending on which option you choose, and these are mutually exclusive. Hence, once the strap has been made, you can only use the strap with the buckle / clasp that you selected (i.e. you cannot have a strap made that can either use a regular tang buckle, or the OEM Cartier Clasp). Here are the different options available:

Regular Delugs Tang Buckle (see here)

Our recommendation is to have the strap made with a regular Delugs tang buckle, as it allows you to swap straps without having to change buckles. We offer our buckles in a range of colours (silver, gold, rose gold, black) and finishes (glossy, matte), which would match your Santos case.

Straps made to fit a regular tang buckle would be made like any of our regular straps, with the addition of the Cartier Santos adapter at the lug end instead of a spring bar. Notably, it will come with one floating and one fixed keeper, and the long strap (with the pointed end) will come with strap holes.

Regular Delugs Deployant Clasp (see here)

We could also have the strap made to fit the Deployant Clasp that we sell. The strap will be made similarly to the straps for Tang Buckle, with one fixed and one floating keeper, and with strap holes. However, the strap will not come with buckle tongue notch, as the deployant clasp does not require this notch. 

We can also have the strap made to fit the OEM Cartier clasp (note that we do not provide the clasp, you will have to use the original clasp that you have). However, there are a few versions of the clasp, depending on the specific model of watch that you bought, and the strap will be made differently depending on the clasp you select.

OEM Cartier Clasp (2020 onwards)

Credit: Cartier

This adapter comes stock with the regular Santos models sold from ~2020 onwards. You can identify it by the style of the strap that comes with the Santos. The long strap (with the pointed end) will look like a regular strap, with the presence of strap holes. The short strap will come with a quick release spring bar to attach to the clasp. However, it does not have any keepers.

If you select this option, we will make the strap in a similar manner to the OEM strap. The short strap will be made without any keepers, and we will also have a quick release spring bar for you to attach the clasp. 

OEM Cartier Double Fold Clasp (before 2020)

Credit: Cartier, Jomashop

This adapter comes stock with the regular Santos models sold from before 2020. You can identify it by the style of the strap that comes with the Santos. Both straps will be identical - a long strap (with the pointed ends), and both straps do not have any strap holes. This clasp requires you to fold both straps 180 degrees to the required length around each side of the clasp.

If you select this option, we will make the strap in a similar manner to the OEM strap, with two identical long strap without any strap holes.

That being said, we do not recommend purchasing a strap to fit this double fold clasp, because it is not easy to swap the clasp between the various straps, and folding the strap 180 degrees is not good for the longevity of the strap. If you watch comes with this clasp, you may want to consider purchasing a strap using our regular tang buckle instead.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, this will only fit the latest generation of Santos de Cartier watches. Please see the list of references that it will fit above.

You can check out the full range of material available on the ordering page. This includes almost all of the leather / material that we have. Notably, this does not include the Elastic Loop material that we currently sell. Read more about our leather here.

Yes! Do check out our latest releases for Rubber Straps for the Cartier Santos de Cartier here. Do order as soon as possible as no new orders will be taken after 14 May 2023. - Edited 26 April 2023.

No, this strap is specific for the Cartier Santos de Cartier. Please see the list of references that it fits above.

We do have straps for the Santos-Dumont - please refer to this page.

These straps are all made-to-order currently. Once the orders are placed, we will be producing the QuickSwitch adapters, which takes about a month, before we start crafting the strap.

We expect to send out the first orders in end January. Depending on the number of orders ahead of yours, your strap might take longer than that to be made, as straps are crafted according to the sequence that the order was received.

Currently, the only non-leather options we have available are Waxed Canvas and Alcantara.

Size (length of strap) depends on your wrist size. Please see this page for more  info on sizing.

The production of the Cartier Santos is limited by the number of adapters that we have. While we intend for the straps to be permanently available for custom order henceforth, if we do sell out of the available adapters, we might temporarily close orders, so that people do not have to wait too long for the adapters to come back in stock before their strap is made.

At this moment, we do not have any ready stock Cartier Santos straps - they are only available for custom order. In future, we might keep stock for a few popular colours of straps, but we don't expect this to happen anytime before Q2 2022.

No, we do not provide the same style of clasp as the OEM Cartier Clasp. We can only provide the buckle/clasp if you choose either the regular buckles or butterfly deployant clasps. If you do wish to use the OEM Cartier Clasp, you will either have to swap the OEM Cartier Clasp around your various straps, or purchase the clasp directly from Cartier.

We do include quick release spring bars on the strap if you choose to use the OEM Cartier Clasp - just like the OEM Santos straps. This would make it easier to swap your clasp around the various straps.

Review from YoureTerrific

Big thanks to @YoureTerrific1 for making this video, showcasing the Santos straps. Some very bold strap choices in there!

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