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How to Install Your Cartier Santos de Cartier Strap

How to Install Your Cartier Santos de Cartier Strap

As our Cartier Santos de Cartier straps are made with different types of leather with varying thickness and pliability, sometimes the leather can get in the way of installing the strap on your watch. There might also be a chance that the adapters are not made with the perfect tolerances.

While we do install and test every Santos strap before sending out to ensure that it fits the watch, you might still face some difficulties installing it if you do not know the right technique to install the strap.

In short, we recommend pressing down on both sides of the adapter at the same time, and to make sure that you hear a "click" sound. And of course, always remember to give the strap a good tuck to ensure that it is locked in place before putting it on your wrist.

Here's a short video to show you how best to ensure that your Santos strap is properly installed on the watch.


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