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Delugs Ambassador: Daniel @wonger.bonger

Delugs Ambassador: Daniel @wonger.bonger

We are pleased to introduce Daniel (@wonger.bonger) from Ottawa, Canada as our Delugs Ambassador!

Read on to learn more his favourite watch brand and complication, his hobbies, why he decided to join the Delugs Ambassador Program, and more!


Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background?

I'm a watch enthusiast in Canada. I've been collecting since 2013, mostly into vintage watches and some independent/microbrands. I also love cars, whiskey, and men's fashion. I am an entrepreneur, I have a small software development company. We also do branding and brand design. More recently I got into the car industry, I run a small dealership with my business partners.

When and how did you get into watches?

I got into it when I turned 20 years old. My dad told me he wanted to get me a watch for my 20th birthday, a Rolex Submariner date. At the time, I knew nothing about watches so I went along with him to the store... Once I realised how much the watch cost, I refused the gift. He ended up getting me a Quartz Swiss Military/Wenger chronograph, I still have it and it's a fantastic first watch. Served me well for a number of years. But the Rolex was what really got me thinking and researching. What is Rolex, why is it so expensive, what's a dive watch, what's a unidirectional bezel, etc.... Then before I know it, I'm deep into the rabbit hole.

Apart from watches and photography, what are some of your other passions or hobbies?

I love cars, I could talk about them for days. I love going for road trips and finding a nice piece of road. Whiskey nights and blind tastings are also a great past time.

What is your favourite watch brand and why?

This is a very difficult question, I think I love Universal Geneve the most in terms of vintage watches, and Omega in terms of more modern watches. UG is such a fascinating brand that was involved with tons of different projects around the world. They made beautiful dress watches with innovative in-house movements, they also made watches for different government branches around the world (not only for military). The variety and diversity of their catalogue is very impressive, and the history behind their watches are second to none imo. In terms of Omega, it's the first "luxury"/"big boy" watch I've ever bought, definitely tons of sentimental value. I also love the history behind each of their iconic watches, similar to why I love UG. I suppose I have a type!

What is the one watch in your collection you never thought you would own, and why?

I think this has to be the Polerouter. By the time I fell in love with them, the "Hodinkee tax" has already been applied to these beautiful watches. I just couldn't push myself to spend 3 to 4 thousand dollars on a watch that was readily available for less than half that just because of a few articles. However, as I've come to learn, somethings are just meant to be. I ended up getting a sweeeeet trade offer in 2018 that landed me this Polerouter.

Are there any specific watch complications or features that fascinate you the most?

Chronographs for sure. Their relevance and connection to motorsports is epic. But I also love small seconds, if that counts as a complication. Just so damn elegant!

Do you have any daily rituals related to watches?

I always pick the watch I'll wear the night before, I wind and set it and leave it on my nightstand so it's ready to go the next morning.

Why did you decide to join the Delugs Ambassador program?

Because I love Ken and I love what he's done with Delugs. Not only built a great leather company, but also built a great community around nerding out about strap pairings and leathers and style!

Top 5 favourite Delugs products?

1. Matte Dark Brown Alligator Slim Strap 

Everyone needs a great leather strap for that special occasion. If you don't know what you are going to wear, a nice dark brown alligator will ALWAYS be the right choice.

2. Cognac Shell Cordovan Slim Strap 

Similar idea to the Matte Dark Alligator, the Shell Cordovan is another go-to for me. Except in this case, it's strong suit is versatility. The rich, waxy texture exudes quality and class, while the slim profile and colour can be both casual and business casual. Think of it as the Explorer 1 of watch straps!

3. ANY Saffiano Strap 

Saffiano is just one of my favourite leathers. The visual texture, the way it feels when I touch it, I just love everything about it. It's such a sophisticated look, goes really well with so many different fabrics. My favourite way to wear a Saffiano is with a non-textured dial. A nice glossy porcelain, an eggshell silver, or even a subtle sunburst. These subtle and classy dials work best with a good Saffiano IMO.

4. Navy Pueblo Row Stitch Strap 

This strap is the king of shorts and a t-shirt. It can beautifully dress down a dress watch in a way no other strap can. The beautiful rustic texture on the strap gives it an almost ocean like look with waves across the leather, perfect for a nice hot summer day to pair with a blue linen shirt. When the weather gets colder, it pairs perfectly with your favorite pair of blue jeans or jean jacket! There is no losing with this strap.

5. Navy Zip Box 

Whether it's a small watch meet up or a weekend trip, the Zip Box is my go-to watch packing companion. It's sexy to look at with all the deep blue Saffiano wrapping around the box, and also tough and keeps its shape so my watches don't get crushed while shuffling around in my weekender bag. Think of it as a one-time insurance policy, an air bag for your watches.

Lastly, we will end off with a series of quick fire questions.

Vintage or Modern? Vintage

Dress or Sport? Dress

Strap or Bracelet? Strap

Rubber or Leather? Leather

To learn more about the Brand Ambassador program, please visit the following page.


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