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    Shell Cordovan is the top tier leather available, before the category of exotics. It comes from the hind of a horse, and because the fibres are packed so densely together, the leather that results from that is incredibly durable. While Shell Cordovan is usually a stiff leather, when made in the Slim style, it is very flexible and a great companion to your dress watch.

    The Shell Cordovan we use comes from Shinki Hikaku tannery in Japan. Typical of most shell cordovan, it has a high gloss finish. Unique to Shinki Shell, the surface is extremely uniform and clean, with a beautiful depth of colour. This leather is so durable that it is likely to last as long as your mechanical timepiece!

    Excerpt from Strap Guide by Tom"The earliest known use cases for Shell Cordovan leather was in armour breast plates and shields of the 7th century. It's non-porous and non-creasing surface and ability to maintain oils from the tanning process made it superior to most leathers in term of both durability and water resistance. Today it is mostly appreciated for its natural and unmistakable shine and is mostly used in quality shoes and boots.  The Cognac color gives the Tank a quite casual but still elegant look."

    • Strap Style:Slim
    • Thread Colour:83 - Umber
    • Strap Thickness:2.2mm
    • Buckle Type:Regular, Engraved
    • Buckle Finish & Colour:Brushed Silver

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 44 reviews
    Larry V. (Arlington Heights, US)
    Cognac Shell Cordovan Slim Strap

    Paired this strap with my Grand Seiko SBGN003. The color is lighter than I thought, but it looks great.

    David M. (Belper, GB)
    Shell Cordovan Slim Cognac - Cartier Tank Must

    This is the second 19mm shell cordovan strap purchased for my tank - the first being the Navy version which I really like. Fantastic quality as I’ve come to expect from Delugs - the leather is supple and quickly forms to the wrist. The strap is snug fit when installing onto the case owing to the strap being ‘slim’ but not purposefully ‘thin’ as per the other straps designed specifically for the tank, but it still works well. I went for deployant clasps, which also seem to work pretty well. I’m sure I’ll be back for more!

    Christopher T.K.J.
    Great strap

    Well made, soft, light, fits well on my GS

    Rick A. (Pierre, US)

    The strap is fine your return policy is not .I am very disappointed

    Very pleased with three different colors of this strap .

    The look and feel strike me as ideal . I'm of no great luxury watch insight but am always excited to see how nicely these straps improve the appeal of my watches to my eye . It was a relative epiphany for me switching a stock strap to this strap the first time . Whole new , better world that really brings out the watch enthusiast in me with a thrill .