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Strap Guide: Grand Seiko SBGH273

Strap Guide: Grand Seiko SBGH273

Strap Guide written by @slh879Thank you Sie!


The SBGH273 is arguably one of the most beautiful pieces by Grand Seiko. Having owned it for a little shy of a year, one thing I have never experimented is swapping out its bracelet with leather straps. 

However, this reluctance is not unfounded. In fact, the process of strap changing has always been a daunting process for me. As someone who often second guesses himself, my mind was constantly overwhelmed with catastrophic thinking when it comes to strap changing and I was in constant fear of damaging my watch. This has in turn placed an indefinite hold on my desire to experiment with new straps for all of my watches. 

Thanks to the straps by Delugs, I have developed a whole new perspective on strap changing. Not only have I finally acknowledged the ease and accessibility of the process especially with the quick release mechanism that is available across Delugs straps, but I have also learned just how big of a role straps can play in strengthening and revitalizing the love and appreciation I have for the SBGH273. I hope my strap guide will be informative and potentially helpful for others who are like me.

Navy Saffiano Stitchless Strap

This was and continues to be my go-to for the SBGH273. So far, this strap has received the most wrist time and I continue to consider it my personal favourite. When being limited to just one strap, this will always be my first choice. It looks amazing when paired with any outfit, and looks great under all lighting situations as the hue does change under different lighting. It really makes the strap significantly more versatile. Moreover, not only does it complement the color of the dial very well, but it is an absolute beauty by itself. I am certain this strap will work well with basically any watch out there.

Cognac Shell Cordovan Slim Strap

The cognac shell cordovan slim strap is just downright handsome. Initially, I was led to believe that I have to color match my straps with the dial. Boy was I wrong. I never expected the cognac shell strap to look this damn good in complementing the piece. Not only does it help accentuate the intricate details of the watch, but it is also stylish yet subtle. Definitely one of the most versatile straps out there, and I am certain that the cognac shell cordovan strap will make any watch look good.

Matte Dark Brown Alligator Signature Strap

Similar to the cognac shell cordovan slim strap, the matte dark brown alligator strap is yet another strap that works amazingly well with the SBGH273. The brown-blue combination really help accentuate both colours. The color of the dial pops out a lot more than ever before, and so does the strap. It really is yet another all-rounder and I definitely plan on giving it more wrist time in the future.

Oh yeah, this strap works tremendously well for moody pictures, the kind of photography I love the most. That’s a bonus in itself.

Matte Grey Storm Alligator Signature Strap

When given the opportunity to decide between different alligator straps, this is my second go-to alligator strap. I am typically not a big fan of the hardness that alligator straps tend to be associated with. However, this strap is just too handsome to pass. Not only does it help emphasize the beauty of the watch through its more subtle hue of grey, but its comfortability and subtleness really contribute immensely to its wearability. This combo really is yet another all-rounder to consider.

Grey Barenia Signature Strap

The slightly more unorthodox combination of all five straps in this review as it is brighter and less subtle. However, it just works so well with the SBGH273. The shade of grey this strap comes in really helps bring the watch to life in a different way. Very suitable for warmer weathers, especially if the goal is to maximize the presence of the SBGH273. Another strength worth pointing out is the softness. Although straps are supposed to soften with wear, I do gravitate towards straps that are softer right off the bat. This really does it for me, and is indeed a perfect candidate for warmer weathers where comfort and wrist presence become more important. 

Extra Information

  • Reference: Grand Seiko SBGH273
  • Case Size: 40mm
  • Thickness: 12.9mm
  • Lug-to-Lug: 47mm
  • Lug Width: 21mm

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