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Strap Guide: Rolex Datejust II 116334

Strap Guide: Rolex Datejust II 116334

Strap Guide written by @hvwatchphotoThank you Heikki!


The Rolex Datejust is an icon in the world of watches and of course, as a brand, Rolex is on everyone's lips if they are asked "tell me an expensive watch". The watch enthusiast is of course aware that Rolex has earned its reputation and position in the watch scene, but there are also many brands that exceed with their quality and even if it doesn't really matter, also with their higher price tag.

The Rolex DJ II in question was the first Rolex I've ever owned, and when I got it I was overjoyed. Part of me felt that the “game has been played” and this is the “end game watch”. But as all of us watch nerds know...there is no cure for this disease and no such thing as an “end game watch”.

It's also not believable to claim that the watch is a "keeper", but I still dare to claim that this watch is. The watch in question was on my wrist when my firstborn son was born and that's when I decided that I wanted to give this watch to my son when he is old enough.

The shocking increase in the value of Rolexes and the constant desire to try something new has become a problem from the watch enthusiast's point of view. I admit that sometimes I also feel bored with this model. 

For that, I have boldly set out to try new straps for DateJust, and it has been a really interesting and refreshing journey. Whether it's a nato strap, rubber strap or high-quality handmade leather strap... they always bring new energy to the use of a familiar and perhaps even boring watch. Rolex doesn't offer any other strap options for this model, other than a metal bracelet... so it might get boring.

With its enormous high-quality and versatile selection of 21mm straps, Delugs offers many opportunities to renew the look of this watch. Just remember to choose curved spring bars and you are good to go. 

Red Alcantara Signature

The red strap is an obvious choice if you ask mr.wonderful's opinion, right? For me, bright colors either on the dial or on the bracelet are more than OK. In this case, when the DJ's dial is traditionally black, the bright red strap gives an interesting contrast and a new feel to the watch. For this reason, the soft and comfortable Alcantara is the perfect choice to pair with the black dial. I would easily argue that you can't go wrong with this color combination, whatever the material ends up being.

Alcantara as a material is very durable and easy to keep clean. Because of this, it is also a popular material in, for example, car or airplane seats. So don't be afraid to choose this material also in bright colors.

Cognac Shell Cordovan Slim

I also have a history of working with leather and mainly making watchstraps. Through that experience, I learned to appreciate many leather qualities and, of course, the quality of craftsmanship in general. It may be strange, but I have never gotten to work with Shell Cordovan myself, so this bracelet fills a small hole in my soul. 

I have always admired the material in question and I truly appreciate its quality and history. The brown tone makes the watch casual, in a dignified way. Combine this strap with high-quality Crockett & Jones shoes and the outfit is unbeatable.

Matte Himalayan Alligator Signature

When it comes to a classic and, according to many, a traditional dress watch like a DJ. It would be easy to pair it with a black Alligator strap. BUT for me it would even be a boring and out of character choice. 

Instead, Matte Himalayan Alligator as a material brings the dignity that such a watch requires, but at the same time the color scheme creates a fresh and interesting combination. 

Definitely a conversation starter.

Olive Green Minerva Box Signature

As you can already guess, I like to use colors in bracelets and even break the boundaries of tradition. The Olive Green Minerva Box again brings enough attitude and a new look to that watch. Alternatively, I think a green alligator or ostrich strap would also suit well with a black dial and complement that “dress watch”- look really well.
Using bold colors and materials, I think this kind of watch also becomes much more casual and goes quite well with jeans or chinos.

Minerva Box leather is very comfortable on the wrist and molds to the shape of the wrist very quickly.

Black Barenia Signature

Although I criticized a little that “a black alligator strap would be a boring choice”... I can't deny that at the end of the day, with a watch like this, you have to have a high-quality and classic-looking black strap to be ready to rumble. A black suit, and a Rolex DateJust with a black Barenia would be a killer combo. However, I managed to combine this combo also for a casual look with a suede jacket and light blue jeans. 

If someone claims that the DJ isn't a versatile watch... I'd say it's just a matter of strap choices.    

Extra Information

  • Reference: Rolex Datejust II 116334
  • Case Size: 47.6mm x 41mm
  • Thickness: 11.7mm
  • Lug-to-Lug: 47.6mm
  • Lug Width: 21mm

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