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    Custom Watch Strap for Tissot PRX 40

    Interested to get your own custom, handcrafted strap for the Tissot PRX?


    Rubber straps for the PRX 35mm are now available. Leather straps for the PRX 35mm are in development - we hope to launch this by 4Q 2023. Stay tuned!

    Cut-to-Size (CTS) straps have just one universal length and is cut down to the specific wrist size of the wearer. They can only be used with the CTS-style of leaf spring deployant clasp.

    Non-CTS straps come in fixed lengths and are fitted on a tang buckle.

    We do not have plans to restock the non-CTS rubber straps. All future rubber straps for the Tissot PRX will be made in the CTS style.

    Unfortunately, we are unable to offer custom straps for FKM rubber as they are made via injection molding, which require the use of specialised molds. If you’re in need of a custom size, fear not as the cut-to-size design accommodates wrists of all sizes! To find out more, click here.

    Click here for a comprehensive guide to cutting your CTS strap to size, as well as tips and tricks on how to handle the leaf-spring deployant clasp!

    It is not currently available, but we hope to release it in late 2023.

    No, only the handcrafted leather straps are fitted with the metal end links.

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