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    Many of you have asked us which of our straps would pair nicely with your MoonSwatch. And we realised that there were not many leather options to pair with. So we thought why not design and craft straps specifically for the MoonSwatch?

    Titanium is having its moment right now, with many new releases made from this metal that's lighter than steel. In order to have the right clasp to pair with your watches, we are proud to introduce the CTS Deployant Clasp in Titanium!

    If you're active on Instagram, browsing watch content, you've probably seen a photo of a Cartier Santos-Dumont paired with a rubber strap, and wondering to yourself - how do I get that look? Here's how!

    Strap Guide written by @talkingabouttime.

    Before the emergence of the Black Bay 54 and even the Black Bay 58, another remarkable yet somewhat overlooked dive watch a decade older was lurking in the shadows—the 36mm neo-vintage midsize Omega Seamaster Professional. Specifically, the 2252.50 model,  the quartz 2262.50 variant or even opt for the 41mm versions if you like a slightly larger watch. This particular diver boldly departed from the divisive yet iconic Seamaster Pro bracelet, instead adopting a bracelet either identical or remarkably similar to the Speedmaster/Speedy Reduced bracelet of that era—an alteration that, in my opinion, is a welcome one. However, amidst all these positive changes, there's one glaring oversight for fans of comfort, heat or salt—no microadjustment. Given the 36mm size, I strongly believe that wearing it slightly loose is an acceptable compromise. Still, having the flexibility of a different pair of shoes is always welcome.

    This brings us to the next challenge. If you're anything like me, you might find yourself owning an arguably excessive collection of 20mm straps (if such a thing is even possible). Yet, this 36mm timepiece boasts an 18mm lug width. Nevertheless, who can resist the allure of shopping for new accessories? For comfort, for flexibility or just to change the look. Allow me to share some delightful pairings I've personally curated for my new horological acquisition.

    Strap Guide written by @kai.robertz.

    For a long time I have been obsessed with the Cartier Tank design and it was one of my grail watches in my wish list. 2 years ago I got married and I was lucky enough to get this Tank Must to commemorate that special moment. It was the first “serious” watch in my collection to spend a lot of time in the store checking different sizes. For some reason, a lot of people tend to gravitate towards the smaller sizes with the Tank models but this Extra-Large model felt right when I tried it on my wrist. Mechanical movement with automatic winding and the date window also was a big plus in my opinion.

    Despite my love for this watch, finding straps for it was hell of a journey (especially with Cartier boutique). After a long research I was so happy to find Delugs custom program. Moreover, when they launched their ready-made Tank straps collection, it was no-brainer for me to partner with them and create this strap guide for you. 

    Strap Guide written by @watchoutblog.

    History of the 1803

    There isn’t a whole lot to say about the Rolex Day-Date that has not already been said. It’s a watch that has dawned the wrist of Tony Soprano, Jack Nicklaus and countless Presidents of the United States of America being marketed as the “Presidents watch”. There is no other watch that screams “I’ve made it” the same way a Day-Date does and this is one of the reasons it remains just as popular today as it was 50 years ago.

    The Day-Date is most commonly seen on its signature 3 link presidential bracelet, however, this watch is just as at home on a nice strap. So let’s check out some combinations shall we?