We heard you. And we've done something about it. Once again, we're building a bridge between you and the exclusive, if only for a little while.

We’re excited to unveil something that has been in the works for the last one and a half years — Cut-to-Size Rubber straps for the Santos de Cartier. For a limited time only, you can place your pre-orders for these straps.

Available in Large and Medium
We're not leaving anyone behind. Owners of the Medium size Santos have traditionally had no options for a rubber strap (not even from Cartier!), but that ends now. The rubber straps are available in all colours for both the Large and Medium Santos de Cartier.

Seamless integration and execution
The straps have been designed to complement the Santos with a firm emphasis on the same form, minimalist aesthetics, and proportions. The rubber surface offers a smooth but slightly grained texture, as well as decorative ridge lines that flow into the case bezel.

Cut-to-size functionality and clean ends
Its cut-to-size functionality also ensures a perfect fit for every wrist size, with no excess strap to detract from its clean, chic look.

Considered Design
The leaf-spring style deployant clasp found on our Rubber CTS straps has also been incorporated into these straps, and offer a snappiness and convenience to your sport watch. What’s more, these come with yet another innovation - additional spring bar holes that offer even more fine adjustment to achieve the perfect fit.

Reliable FKM rubber and stainless steel clasp
Tried-and-tested FKM (fluoroelastomer) rubber is used for the best combination of flexibility and durability, and is secured by a 316L stainless steel clasp offered in the same colours in the Santos range - Gold, Rose Gold, Black, and classic Silver in a brushed finish.

With 5 colours to choose from, you’ll have even more possibilities for customising your look. The straps are available in Black, Navy, White, Orange, and Baby Blue.

Even More Options for Customisation

New Colours of Rubberised Leather
If you’re looking for yet more looks, we’re proud to also be releasing another 10 colours of Rubberised Leather in Togo pattern grain for that unique blend of leather and rubber in a waterproof and scratch-resistant package. The 10 new colours include: Light Blue, Navy, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Taupe, Brown, Cream, Orange, Hunter Green, White.

Needless to say, our standard customisation options which include all available leathers continue to be available until 14 May 2023. Click here to start your customisation journey.

Pre-order Timeline
Delivery of the pre-order Rubber CTS straps, as well as all custom straps intended for the Santos de Cartier, is expected to begin in July 2023. Do take note that while the delivery may take some time, this is a one-off production run and we will stop taking new orders by 14 May 2023, so put your name down while you can!

Custom Watch Strap for Cartier Santos de Cartier

Interested to get your own customised strap for the Cartier Santos de Cartier, now including options for the Rubberised Leather (Togo) in 10 new colours?


Rubber FKM Santos de Cartier Straps

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer custom straps for FKM rubber as they are made via injection molding, which require the use of specialised molds. If you’re in need of a custom size, fear not as the cut-to-size design accommodates wrists of all sizes! To find out more, click here.

Click here for a comprehensive guide to cutting your CTS strap to size, as well as tips and tricks on how to handle the leaf-spring deployant clasp!

There are currently no plans for more colours beyond the five available. If you feel strongly for a certain colour to be included, you may reach out to us at and we will consider the request if there are sufficient number of similar requests.

If you are looking to changing your strap order before 14 May 2023, definitely! Please reach out to us at and we will get it sorted for you. After 14 May 2023, however, we will not be able to entertain strap colour changes as production would have already begun.

No, the OEM Cartier clasp is unable to accommodate the thicknesses required for the FKM rubber construction. If you would like to use your OEM Cartier clasp, you can consider ordering a Custom strap for the Santos here.

We do not have photos for that yet, as our samples were made for the Large Santos. We will release photos of the CTS Rubber Strap on a Medium Santos as soon as we have made a sample.

However, we do not anticipate getting the samples for Medium Santos made before the order closes on 14 May 23.

Custom Rubberised Leather (Togo) for the Santos de Cartier

The Rubber FKM strap is molded into being with a clean flexible, one-piece construction, and would be permanently cut to the size that you need. There are no other details on the strap apart from the decorative ridge lines, and it is designed to fit onto the leaf-spring CTS deployant clasp. This allows waterproofing and an ultra-clean look.

On the other hand, the Rubberised Leather straps are constructed like traditional leather straps, and this means the ability to customise its look in the form of: stitching (and its accompanying range of colours), ability to use other clasp mechanisms (like the Cartier-style buckle or even the OEM Cartier deployant), and edge colours.

While technically possible, we do not recommend this as it will be difficult to determine the strap length you need. However, if you are keen and/or are also a user of our Rubber CTS line-up, do write in to us at and we will see what we can do for you!

All orders intended for the Cartier Santos de Cartier will cease after 14 May 2023, and we will no longer take any more orders.

However, the Rubberised Leather (Togo) will continue to be available for regular strap custom orders.

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