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My thoughts on the Cartier Pebble 50th Anniversary, discussing its pricing, positioning, and my feeble attempt at gazing into the future.

Strap Guide written by @ikemadethis.

Once in a while, the people get what they want. The Tudor Pelagos was first released in 2012 coming in at a large wearing 42mm. It wasn’t the diameter that made it wear large. Rather, it was the slab sided case giving the visual appearance of a top heavy watch. Enthusiasts have been praying to the watch gods ever since for a smaller version. The Black Bay 58 was the first of Tudor’s recent dive watches to be downsized so it was only a matter of time before the Pelagos would get a reduction as well. Enter the Pelagos 39. It's a titanium watch coming in at 39mm across the case but closer to 40mm across the bezel. Speaking of the bezel, we get a radial brushed fully lumed ceramic insert over the matte version of its big brother. This is a feature that has grown on me with ownership. It gives the watch a more dynamic appearance with the bezel looking from stark black to a ghost gray depending on the lighting. Most importantly, the Pelagos remains a strap monster. The lugs are an odd width at 21mm but as usual, Delugs to the rescue!

Strap Guide written by @watchillaax.


When I got the Tudor Black Bay 36 I had fewer watches and needed a versatile piece, that I could wear with different outfits from a dressy night out in a suit to a casual situation. I have to say it never disappointed. In my opinion this is one of the most versatile pieces in the watch history and if you ask me, a future classic. I gave it almost 2 years of wear without even taking off the bracelet, because it just kept the watch neutral and easy to pair with anything no matter what I was wearing. But why would you keep such a beautiful dial neutral when you could elevate it and make it stand out with a great strap? I hope the following shots will inspire you to DARE and take off that bracelet on your Black Bay 36 to make it look even more interesting.

Strap Guide written by @watchestolove.

I think the Reverso Tribute Burgundy is probably the boldest watch in my collection. I never thought I would ever own a watch with a red dial, as I always deemed it to be somewhat feminine, until I saw it in person. My jaw dropped to the floor and was blown away by the richness of the red dial. Sometimes it’s near black, sometimes it’s burgundy, and when under the sun it’s blood red. 

I also didn’t think it would match clothes that well, but it does. Then there’s the rectangular case, it just feels perfect on the wrist, the crown never digs in the skin thanks to the smaller surface area. The flipping mechanism is also incredibly addicting to play with and I play with it subconsciously far more than I would like to admit. The Reverso is just one of those versatile watches that is right at home with either a formal or casual look.

Huge thanks to Delugs for this strap guide opportunity, allowing me to share the different strap possibilities with this beautiful watch.