Prism Trio - Grey/Navy

If you are looking for a compact, fuss-free and secure way to store your timepiece, your search is over! Show up at your next gathering with your watch collection in one of these bad boys, and watch as your buddies ask you where this case is from. 

We brought together the best features of all the watch rolls on the market today, and merged them into what we think is the perfect case to store and display up to 3 watches:⁠

  1. Protects your watches. That's the baseline.
  2. Showcase your watches for all to see. Perfect for photography too!
  3. Have independent access to each of your watch
  4. Fits a range of wrist sizes, including small wrists⁠ (we've tried up to 5.75 inch / 14.5cm) using our compressible pillows.
  5. Anti-roll with the hexagon-shaped design, so your watch case will not roll around as you are using it⁠
  6. The Roof lays flat to provide a scratch-free work surface⁠ to place your watches

The Prism is sized to fit watches with case size up to 54mm (including the crown), so you can fit anything from your Rolex Datejust to Panerai inside this case. And did I already mention that the Prism pillows are compressible and designed to fit smaller wrists, so there's no need to worry about it stretching your strap or bracelet?

Dimensions: 21.5cm x 9.3cm x 8.6cm (LxWxH)

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Nolan R. (Huntsville, US)
The roll so nice, I bought it twice

These Prism rolls are perfect. I can't even nitpick to think of any improvements for it. They look great, are really nice to use, keep the watches very secure, and fit my sized-for-a-small-wrist bracelet watches without excessive pressure.

Omar (Brooklyn, US)
Prism trio

Very well made watch roll!

Edward S.
Watch protector

Beautifuly manufactured and substantial. It will transport 3 watches in safety and luxory.

Mansoor A. (Dubai, AE)

Worth buying for this quality

Leo C. (Taipei, TW)
Very good watch roll for display.

The lining is soft and well protected, the case is hard so it's able to protect the watches, like it very much.