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Zip Box (Two) - Grey/Navy

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Available Colours: Grey / Navy

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If you are looking for a compact, fuss-free and secure way to store your timepiece, your search is over! Show up at your next gathering with your watch collection in one of these bad boys, and watch as your buddies ask you where this case is from.

We set out to create the ideal watch box that wouldn't feel out of place at a cafe / bar, in your drawer, or in a safe. We wanted a watch box that you would feel proud to display, and one that would give you 100% confidence about keeping your watches securely stored within. We had the following requirements in designing our Zip Box:

  1. Protects your watches. That's the baseline requirement for all watch cases.
  2. Showcase your watches (and straps) for all to see. Perfect as a photography prop too!
  3. Watches on the pillows should fit within the compartment very securely, without any left/right or up/down movement.
  4. Pillows should fits a range of wrist sizes, including small wrists⁠ (we've tried up to 5.75 inch / 14.5cm).
  5. As small as it can be while still providing sufficient padding and protection.

The Zip Box is sized to fit watches with case size up to 54mm (including the crown), so you can fit anything from your Rolex Datejust to Panerai inside this case. And did I already mention that the Zip Box pillows are compressible and designed to fit smaller wrists, so there's no need to worry about it stretching your strap or bracelet?

Dimensions: 13.5cm x 9.9cm x 7.5cm (LxWxH)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Alberto S. (Padova, IT)

Zip Box (Two) - Grey/Navy

Kyle S. (Chicago, US)

Great travel case

Liam L. (Taipei, TW)

Zip Box (Two) - Grey/Navy

watch_girl_life (Epping, AU)
Zip Box (Two) - Grey/Navy.

Excellent quality as always from @delugs.

Yun B.S. (Seoul, KR)
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