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Strap Guide: Omega Speedmaster Broad Arrow 3594.50

Strap Guide: Omega Speedmaster Broad Arrow 3594.50

Strap Guide written by @wonger.bongerThank you Daniel!


The Speedmaster Broad Arrow reference 3594.50 is a very under the radar kind of Speedmaster. From afar, it certainly has strong Speedmaster vibes. Yet it doesn’t scream the moon landing history or its NASA certification background in your face. It’s a Speedmaster that takes it back to its roots, the watch that was made for gentlemen racers of the 50s. Even though this was the first ever Speedmaster to pay tribute to the original Speedmaster back in 1957, it’s a watch that can be considered a failure in marketing. Nicknamed the “Replica” by Omega themselves, no one wanted to touch this watch with a 10-foot pole. I guess the word “Reissue” was not in the marketing dictionary yet back in the 90s. 

However, like any great watch, if you pay attention to the details, you’ll find that this is no replica at all. Tons of unique and quirky vintage touches are added to this special release. The applied vintage Omega logo, the original Speedmaster font on the dial, the elongated hour markers WITHOUT fauxtina lume, and the ever so subtly grey dial. These details all add up to a Speedmaster that’s truly wonderful to own and enjoy in a sea of Speedmaster limited editions. 

With this strap guide, I hope to highlight the unique and wonderful wearing experience of this forgotten reference.

Elastic Loop Khaki / White

This being a Speedmaster, it’s first and foremost job is as a tool watch. Therefore, I had to choose a strap that highlights the tacti-cool nature of this design. To help with this, the Delugs Elastic Loop is the perfect choice. It doesn’t add any bulk to the thickness of the Speedy, while adding a sense of adventure and ruggedness to the look. Paired with a khaki field jacket, this Speedy is ready to take on the trials for a nice crisp autumn day. 

Millenium Patina Lagoon Alligator Signature Strap

One of the factors that make Speedmasters such strap monsters is their monotone design. The lack of colors on the dial really helps when you want to be bold and add some color by choosing a fun strap. For me, this Millennium Patina Lagoon Alligator is just the perfect balance between versatility and wrist presence. The bluish green hues from the strap pairs well with jeans or any navy garment. At the same time, the alligator leather helps to make the look more preppy and upscale. Of course, you don’t have to pick this color. Another great offering from the alligator collection that would have the same effect would be the Millennium Two Tone blue or the Glossy Emerald green. Check them out and tag me in your combos!

Denim Babele Slim

In my opinion, this strap in 20mm is a staple that any collector should have in their arsenal. It truly looks fantastic on any watch, and it goes perfectly with your favorite pair of jeans. With the Broad Arrow, it adds a trendy modern vibe to an otherwise vintage design. I quite enjoy the juxtaposition with this look. 

Tan Crazy Horse Side Stitch

Yes, this may be a very “safe” choice for a strap combo. I think it’s just too classic to not mention, especially on the Broad Arrow 3594.50. I mentioned earlier that the lume does not have any fauxtina to it. However, when paired with this strap, the warmth of the tan crazy horse leather brings out a lot of the warmth hues from the dial and markers as well. This look makes the design look even more in line with its vintage aspirations, definitely another must have for anyone with a Broad Arrow Speedy. 

Dark Grey Mud Slim

With the Speedmaster being a very monotone design, having a grey strap to go with it will always look good. However, specifically with the “special color” dial on this Broad Arrow reference, picking out the right tone of grey can do absolute wonders to showcase this gorgeous dial. For me, the Dark Grey Mud strap is the perfect choice. Under certain indoor lighting, it can look very warm and vintage, just like the dial. However, once you get it outdoors, the full washed-out grey effect really matches the watch. The icing on the cake is that contrasting full white stitching that matches the markers and lume. This little detail really pulls everything together and completes the look.  

Extra Information

  • Reference: Omega Speedmaster Broad Arrow 3594.50
  • Case Size: 42mm
  • Thickness: 14mm
  • Lug-to-Lug: 48.5mm
  • Lug Width: 20mm

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