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Strap Guide: King Seiko 5625-7121

Strap Guide: King Seiko 5625-7121

Strap Guide written by @wonger.bonger


Seiko has always been one of my brands. The rich history and the unique case designs always made the watches interesting to look at, while the industry-leading technology in finishing and watchmaking has always made them mechanically satisfying to own. In terms of vintage Seiko, the rivalry between King Seiko and Grand Seiko has always been a fascination of mine. I suppose the clear winner in the end is Grand Seiko, but in my opinion, King Seiko also won its fair share of battles. This particular reference, the King Seiko 5625-7121, is especially interesting. While not the most well-known reference, this one stands out to me because of its curvaceous case design. As many of you know, vintage Seikos were designed under the Grammar of Design principle.  Typically, that means sharp angles, dramatic facets and bevels, and bold shoulder lines along the profile. However, when it comes to the 5625-7121, the case is flowy and curvaceous. This design maintains a dramatic contrast in case finishing like all the other classic grammar of design cases. The brushed surfaces on top of the lugs and mid-case contrast the high polished bevel on the profile absolutely beautifully. However, the curves made by that same bevel case line make it super different from the crowd. Below are some of my strap picks for this rare and underrated reference.

Delugs L'Atelier collection - Concrete Jungle

For my first choice, I wanted to highlight how well the Delugs L'Atelier collection can work with a classic design. The L'Atelier collection was launched by Delugs as a mid way point between bespoke and regular production straps. These straps all have contrasting edge paint and keepers and have finer threads for stitching. These little details really highlight the quality of the craftsmanship on offer from the brand, as well as a different look that you typically don't get unless you go bespoke. The Concrete Jungle Strap from this collection is a perfect example of this. The thin creamish white stitching matches the dial perfectly, while the grey edge paint and keepers add a touch of modernity to this classic grammar of design case. Perfect look for a business casual day at the office IMO! The L'Atelier collection is a hidden gem of a collection from Delugs, I urge you to check them out!

Mocha Crazy Horse Side Stitch

Up for your consideration today is the Mocha Crazy Horse Side Stitch. I've always loved this leather, the way it patinas over time is absolutely gorgeous. The dark chocolate brown paired with the clean cream dial on the KS makes for excellent contrast. I also paired the look with one of my oldest jackets, a brown leather jacket from my early university days. Turned out to be a great classic look! Can't go wrong with a vintage watch on a side stitch strap.

Grigio Pueblo Slim Strap

Part 3 of my King Seiko Strap Guide today for #seikosaturday, featuring the Grigio Pueblo Slim Strap. Pueblo is one of my favourite leathers to wear because of the texture of the leather. It has this well-aged look to it that fits so well with vintage watches like this King Seiko. In-person, the Grigio Pueblo has a really nice earthy tone to the colour, it's not just a cold straight grey. This adds so much character to the strap and makes pairing with my style super easy since my favourite colours to wear tend to be earth tones as well.

Natural Shell Cordovan

Shell Cordovan is such a fantastic leather. It’s got this unique oily/glossy look that differentiates it from your typical glossy leather. Due to the high-fat content, it ages really well and tends to make a vintage watch look more modern. This is why I chose this leather for the KS, to showcase how timeless this design looks even though it’s a watch from 1972. The natural colour of the Shell Cordovan pairs perfectly with the creamy silky dial on the KS.

Caramel Saffiano Stitchless

In my opinion, a stitchless Saffiano will always pair well with a classic dress watch. From a Cartier Tank to a vintage KS, a Saffiano strap’s texture just adds that extra unique texture to an otherwise visually simple dress watch. In caramel, this combo can be dressed up or down, making the KS super versatile and classic. From a casual afternoon coffee date to a board meeting to the office. This look will never be out of place.

Watch Specifications

Case diameter: 37mm
Lug-to-lug: 41mm
Thickness: 10mm
Lug width: 18mm

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